October 2002

Close-Up on Technology

Additive Masterbatches Make Polyolefins Degrade
 Two masterbatch suppliers claim to have found effective ways to make polyethylene and polypropylene products degrade like paper or wood while remaining cost-competitive with conventional LDPE or PP.

'Collar Joining' Method Makes Plastic-Metal Hybrids
 A mechanical method for joining plastic and metal to create hybrid automotive front-end assemblies has been developed by BASF AG in Germany.

POE Alloys Replace Liquid Plasticizers In High-Performance Flexible PVC
Flexible PVC doesn't have many friends these days.

Reborn HPM Launches New Injection & Extrusion Machinery
Much has changed in a year for HPM Corp., the 125-year-old Ohio manufacturer of injection, extrusion, and die-casting equipment.

'Soft-on-Soft' Is Newest Option In Soft-Touch Molding
It's hailed as a breakthrough for soft-touch injection molding: Collaborative efforts by three companies have resulted in the commercialization of an SEBS-based TPE vehicle handle in which a very soft (28 Shore A) surface layer is coinjected onto a substrate of a firmer—but still soft and rubbery—60 Shore A compound.

Thermoforming Carves New Role in Decorating Wood
Membrane pressing—a process widely used by the lumber industry to decorate shaped wooden cores with a plastic surfacing material—deserves the attention of U.S. thermoformers.

Processor's Edge

'Father of Long Glass' Delivers a New Baby
Ron Hawley's lawyer keeps a collection of napkins and other bits of paper on which, over the years, Hawley drew the first sketches of a remarkable series of inventions.

Starting Up

Your Business in Brief - October 2002
Dow Puts TDI on 'Order Control'Dow Polyurethanes, Midland, Mich., has announced that supply of TDI will be extremely tight for the remainder of 2002, a condition made worse by a recent equipment failure that caused Dow to shut down its Freeport, Texas, TDI train.

Hourly Rates Dipped Again
Mid-year custom injection molders' machine-hour rates dipped 1.3% on average in the second quarter of the year, according to 122 plants responding to our latest semi-annual survey.

Your Business Outlook - October 2002
The growth outlook for PE film used to package frozen foods, meat, poultry, and ice is less optimistic than the double-digit gains forecasted for other consumer packaging.


How to Use Those Fancy Ultrasonic Welding Controls
You know how to set a timer, but newer ultrasonic welders also offer control by energy, collapse distance, and absolute distance. Do you know when and how to exploit these options to make better welds?

Improved Technology Tightens Your Grip on Materials Inventory Control
Know what's new in paddle switches or weight-and-cable sensors? What about capacitance, vibratory, and ultrasonic level gauges? Are radar or laser systems worth the money? It's time to get educated: Having the right tools for materials management is more important than ever.

Sometimes It's the Little Things
You've got a 100,000-part job on press.

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