September 2009

Close-Up on Technology

More New Colorants & Additives at NPE 2009
In July we reported on new colorants and additives to be shown at NPE in Chicago, based on information available before the show (see Learn More box). But the miles of aisles at McCormick Place held still more newsworthy product introductions.

Starting Up

Your Business Pricing Update - September 2009
Prices of all commodity resins are rising, especially steeply for PP and PS.


NPE 2009 Wrap-Up: New Machinery for Thermoforming
NPE had its share of innovations in thermoforming, notably a new machine that opens the small-bottle market to thermoformers. New trim stations offer more in the way of output and versatility. And more machines are now outfitted with off-the-shelf controls to facilitate servicing. A line of formers from Australia also arrived in the U.S. (Note: additional NPE thermoforming news appeared in May and June—see Learn More box.)

Plastics Technology, Refocused
What’s new?

Servo Robots Show More Speed, Muscle & Brains
The recent NPE 2009 show in Chicago saw the debut of dozens of new and enhanced robots for injection molding. The vast majority of the new models were all-servo types, though some economized by mixing servo and pneumatic axes. These new robots emphasized higher speeds, heavier payload capacity, longer reach, and more intelligent controllers that make programming and troubleshooting easier than ever. Telescoping arms and dual arms were very common among the new entries, as well.

Keeping Up With Technology

Adjust Color Feeding According to Regrind Content
The new Dual TrueFeed gravimetric feeder from Conair, Cranberry Township, Pa., has two hoppers and a controller that adjusts color percentages if the percentage of already colored regrind varies.

Automatic Foam Insulation of PEX/Aluminum Pipe
Maillefer SA of Switzerland (U.S. office in Kingsport, Tenn.) has designed an elaborate system for in-line production of foam-insulated PEX/aluminum/PEX composite pipe for a European producer.

Biodegradable TPEs from Italy
At NPE in Chicago, A.P.I.

Flexible, Economical Process Monitoring System
A new process-monitoring system that utilizes PC-based Process Data AcquisitionModules (PDAM) was shown at NPE 2009 by Syscon-PlantStar, SouthBend, Ind.

Low-Chlorine LCP for Electrical Parts
A new grade of Vectra LCP alloy for connectors, switches, and other electrical parts boasts chlorine content below 900 ppm and improved processability with no sacrifice in properties.

New & Improved Purging Agents
New purging agents from three companies were exhibited at NPE in Chicago.

New North American Entry In Oriented PVC Pipe
Montreal-based PVC pipe producer Ipex Inc. recently became the second processor in North America to make oriented PVC pressure pipe for municipal water and sewer applications.

New Renewably Based Nylon
Two suppliers have come out with a new type of flexible, translucent, semicrystalline nylon based 100% on renewable sebacic acid from castor oil.

New Self-Contained Loaders
A new series of compressed-air venturi hopper loaders comes from ACS Group.

New Source of SMA
Nova Chemicals Inc., Pittsburgh, the main domestic producer of Dylark styrene maleic anhydride (SMA) copolymers, announced in late June that it would discontinue making the resin after a final production run in July.

New Styrenic TPEs for Wire, Packaging & Medical Uses
At NPE in Chicago, Kraton Polymers LLC, Houston, highlighted two pairs of new styrenic block copolymers.

New Styrenic TPEs for Wire, Packaging & Medical Uses
WEB EXCLUSIVE: At NPE in Chicago, Kraton Polymers LLC, Houston, highlighted two pairs of new styrenic block copolymers.

New-Generation Welder Answers Users’ Requests
Customers requested enhanced process control, faster tool changes and setup, and increased speed and efficiency of the welding process.

Non-Halogen FR Compounds For Fiber Optics & Solar Panels
At NPE 2009 in Chicago, PolyOne Corp., Cleveland, launched a global portfolio of low-smoke-and-fume, zero-halogen (LSFOH) compounds for indoor fiber-optic wire and cable applications. (These uses are known as FTTB and FTTH.) These compounds, both rigid and flexible, are based on polyolefins and mineral hydrates. ECCOH 6638 is for tight-buffering or loose-tube cables, as well as sheathing.

Nylon Compounds with Novel Natural Fiber from Brazil
SABIC Innovative Plastics, Pittsfield , Mass., launched the first two products in a series of natural-fiber reinforced compounds at the recent NPE show.

See-Through Vacuum Loader with Improved Discharge
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A new version of the GlassVu GVL motorized vacuum loader has a new discharge assembly with a pneumatic, positive-seal discharge valve said to prevent leaks that can occur with flapper valves.

Silky New TPVs Boost Extrusion Rates
A silky-smooth surface unlike the rubbery touch of most TPVs distinguishes the first vulcanizate products in the Telcar OBC line from Teknor Apex Co., Thermoplastic Elastomer Div., Pawtucket, R.I.

Web-Based Machine & Plant Monitoring
A newly enhanced process and production monitoring system was launched at the recent NPE show in Chicago by Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., Bolton, Ont.

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