June 2002

Close-Up on Technology

Convert PVC Pipe Dies to Make Fence Profiles
 If you are a PVC pipe extruder who wants to get into the burgeoning market for fence profiles, you have several new options from American Maplan.

High-Temperature TPE Is Based on Silicone
 Automotive engineers are becoming converts to thermoplastic elastomers as alternatives to thermoset rubbers, but they’ve found that TPEs can’t go everywhere rubber can—particularly under the hood.

New Methods Expand Roles of Gas-Assist Molding
 Two variations on gas-assist injection molding were presented in papers at the Molding 2002 Conference held in New Orleans in March.

Processor's Edge

They Hit the Market Running
Three years ago, when Martin Grohman and Michael Hurkes started Correct Building Products in Biddeford, Me., it wasn’t so much a start-up as a rocket launch.

Starting Up

Your Business in Brief - June 2002
Wittmann BuysCapitol TemptrolWittmann Robot & Automation Systems, Inc., Torrington, Conn., has acquired Capitol Temptrol Inc. of Centerbrook, Conn., a maker of portable and central chillers and mold-temperature controllers.

Your Business Outlook - June 2002
The most recent polyethylene film market study by Mastio & Company forecasts promising growth for industrial packaging in the second half of 2002.


"Electrically Active" Compounds Surge In Performance
Designing a thermoplastic compound to conduct an electrical charge is difficult and costly, since most polymers are naturally ill suited to the task.

EPS Bead Molders Turn To Automation
Plantwide automation in EPS molding started among European block molders, who created ‘ghost’ plants with only a handful of workers where dozens had been employed before. Now, ‘hands-off’ automation has reached the U.S. and is making inroads in shape molding, too.

Get to Know Lasers And Their Roles in Plastics
Plastics processing is one of the fastest growing application areas for laser technology.

Our Machinery Database Is Live Online!
If you haven’t visited our website lately, it’s time for another look.

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