February 2010

Close-Up on Technology

New Plasticizer Chemistry for PVC Excels in Cold & Heat
It’s rare that an entirely new plasticizer chemistry comes along for flexible PVC—especially when it comes with an established health and safety record.

Know How

Good Reasons to Make a Short Shot, and How to Do It Right
Making a proper short shot is an important aspect of practicing “scientific molding.” Upon startup of almost any mold, the first step is to make a short shot.

Having Output Problems? Check Your Feed-Port Design
With an extruder, like all other devices, “it can’t come out unless it goes in first.” That’s the first thing I remember when I am asked to figure out why an extruder is performing below expectations.

You Think You Know Your Molds? Try These 10 Questions to Find Out for Sure
A mold repair technician’s job has always been to make molds run—anyhow, any way.

Starting Up

Industry & Technology News: February 2010
First Large Automotive MIDs with LDSThe German “MID Industry Award” for 2009 was given to the PBT steering switch for the new BMW Z4 Roadster.


Molder’s Message to Foreign Competitors: ‘Bring It On!’
An inspired combination of automation, ISO certification, use of certified resins, and strict adherence to a rigorous set of time-honed manufacturing standards are among the chief factors giving the Rodon Group, a 54-year-old custom molding operation in Hatfield, Pa., the confidence to boast that it can beat the pants off of Chinese part pricing, and Mexican pricing, too.And it’s not an idle boast.

Will You Be Ready When Business Rebounds?
I consider myself an optimist by nature.

Keeping Up With Technology

‘Thinnest’ V-0 Polycarbonate Ever
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A brand-new flame-retardant Panlite PC from Teijin Chemicals Ltd.

Antioxidant Masterbatch Protects Reprocessed Resin
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A new high-efficiency antioxidant masterbatch protects reprocessed or recycled polyolefins from degradation during processing, allowing film processors to use more recycle.

Blow Molding & Injection Molding Combined in One Process
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A novel process and a new material combined to produce one of the more unusual entries among the finalists for the SPE Automotive Innovation Awards last fall.

Chemtura to Sell Off PVC Additives Business
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Chemtura Corp., Middlebury, Conn., which is now in bankruptcy proceedings, has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its PVC additives business to SK Capital Partners, a New York –based private equity firm focusing on specialty materials, chemicals, and healthcare.

COC for Low-Temp Sealing & Shrink Film
WEB EXCLUSIVE: New Topas 9903D-10 COC (cyclic olefin copolymer) boasts a lower glass-transition temperature (Tg) of 33 C/92 F for use in monolayer and coextruded films.

Coreless Winders for Stretch Film
Davis-Standard, Pawcatuck, Conn., and NO.EL srl of Italy have signed an exclusive agreement to jointly supply inline coreless stretch-film systems.

Electric & Two-Platen Machines Debut at Taipei Plas Show
Plastics Technology recently visited Taiwan for a preview of new equipment to be introduced at the 12th Taipei International Plastics & Rubber Industry Show (Taipei Plas), March 5-9.

Engineering Compounds with Renewable Content
RTP Co., Winona, Minn., has launched a line of engineering thermoplastic compounds based on resins derived from renewable resources.

German Bioplastics Supplier Comes to U.S.
WEB EXCLUSIVE: FKuR Kunststoff GmbH of Willich, Germany, has just opened a subsidiary, FKuR Plastics Corp., in Cedar Park, Texas, with four employees.

Huge SMC Presses from China
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Greenerd Press & Machine Co., Inc., Nashua, N.H., has delivered the largest compression presses in its history—three 4000-tonners to Ashley Industrial Molding, and SMC processor in Oelwein, Ia.

Layflat Film Gaufing & Control for Food & Medical Packaging
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A faster system with greater control and improved analysis of individual layer thicknesses in coextruded films—that’s what Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Wilmington, Mass., claims for its new blown film layflat gauging system.

License for High-Speed Closure Molds
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Pelco Tool & Mold, Inc., Glendale Heights, Ill., has acquired a license from Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., Bolton, Ont., to produce closure molds utilizing Husky’s Rotating Ratchet Ring (RRR) technology. “RRR” molds reportedly have shown 25% shorter cycle times than conventional unscrewing closure molds with rotating cores, and require less maintenance as well.(630) 871-1010 • 951-5000 • husky.caHusky Injection Molding Systems 500 Queen St.

Lots of Hot-Runner News
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Several suppliers of hot-runner nozzles and controls have come out with new or enhanced products in the last few months.

Metallic-Looking Engine Cover without Paint
WEB EXCLUSIVE: The award-winning Ford Fusion Hybrid car has an “eco-friendly” engine cover with a molded-in metallic look instead of paint.

Milacron & Fanuc Continue Partnership
WEB EXCLUSIVE: The recent sale of Milacron Inc., Batavia, Ohio, will not affect the continuing partnership between the new Milacron LLC and Fanuc Ltd. of Japan, according to an announcement by the two companies last month.

More Heat-Resistant PLA Biopolymer
WEB EXCLUSIVE: NatureWorks LLC, Minnetonka, Minn., the biggest producer of PLA biopolymer, has come out with a grade having higher heat resistance than any of its previous products.

New Flexible Nylon 610 for Fuel Lines
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Rhodia Polyamide, Cranbury, N.J., has just added nylon 610 to its lineup.

New Nylon 4T in Notebook Battery Connectors
WEB EXCLUSIVE: T-Conn, a major connector manufacturer in Taiwan, has chosen Stanyl ForTii as the halogen-free housing material for its wide range of battery connectors.

New Source of Vinyl Microbeads for Automotive Slush Molding
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Soft, thin skins for automotive instrument panels, airbag covers, and interior trim can now be molded with Tek-Spheres vinyl microbeads from Teknor Apex Co., Vinyl Div., Pawtucket, R.I.

PEEK Gets More Wear Resistance
WEB EXCLUSIVE: PEEK resin can penetrate more demanding wear applications, thanks to a new product from Victrex Polymer Solutions, West Conshohocken, Pa.

PESU Gets Low-Friction/Wear Characteristics
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Compared with all previous grades of Ultrason polyethersulfone (PESU) from BASF Corp., Engineering Plastics, Wyandotte, Mich., new Ultrason KR 4113 has dramatically reduced friction and wear.

Screen Changer, Gear Pump Combo Cuts Pelletizing Step
A sheet extruder of recycled PET eliminated the need to pelletize its scrap before reuse by equipping a line with a self-cleaning screen changer and gear pump supplied by Maag Pump Systems, Charlotte, N.C.

Softer Formable Olefin Foams for Auto Interiors
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Thermoformable, closed-cell, crosslinked polyolefin foams that are up to 70% softer than previous versions are now available from Toray Plastics (America), Inc., PEF Div., Front Royal, Va.

Store All Your Mold Data Right on the Mold
WEB EXCLUSIVE: RedE Vault is a USB flash drive with a “virtually indestructible” and a screw fastener to allow it to be attached to a mold base.

Super-Clear, Glossy PP For Cosmetics Packaging
A new metallocene PP copolymer for extrusion blow and injection-blow molding is said to combine the clarity and gloss of PET.

TPE Molds Well Onto Acrylics
WEB EXCLUSIVE: One of the latest series of styrenic TPEs from Elastocon TPE Technologies, Inc., Rochester, Mich., shows good overmolding onto a wide variety of acrylics.

TPU for Non-Halogen Wire & Cable
WEB EXCLUSIVE: New halogen-free Estane X-1425 TPU from the Estane Engineered Polymers unit of Lubrizol Corp., Cleveland offers lower smoke generation in wire and cable jacketing.


‘Lean’ Molding & Liquid Color: A Good Fit
If you want to take up parasailing, it’s probably best that you have no fear of heights.

Recycle Pricing: RPET Prices Up From Summer, Stabilizing in First Quarter
The recycled PET business was slow in the last two months of 2009, but recyclers say that was not unexpected or even very unusual.

Resin Buying Strategies: Rising Prices in This Quarter
Prices of all four commodity resins were moving up last month and in some cases into this month.

The Practical Processor: February 2010
How long should I expect a screw or barrel to last before it needs to be repaired or replaced?

Wood on Plastics: Sustainable Packaging: A Lot More Than Buzzwords
Packaging is at the nexus of every global supply chain and customer relationship, because for every product sold in stores, there is both primary and secondary packaging.—Wal-Mart sustainable packaging fact sheet.

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