September 2008

Close-Up on Technology

New Light on How to Optimize Properties of Microcellular Foams
With the growing popularity of thermoplastic microcellular foams (such as those produced by the MuCell process of Trexel Inc.) comes increased need to understand how to optimize foam properties through appropriate foam structure.

Processor's Edge

Investing in Planet-Friendly Packaging
Clear Lam Packaging Inc. is a mid-sized, family-owned packaging company with an enviable growth rate of over 20%/yr, unusual at a time when many mid-sized packaging companies are being bought out and disappearing. The secret, Clear Lam believes, has been its aggressive investment in R&D.

Starting Up

Economics Outlook - September 2008
So far this year, U.S. production of motor vehicle parts is down 5% from the same period last year.

Your Business Pricing Update - September 2008
Commodity resin prices were still rising last month, and still more hikes were pending, but market resistance was building.

Your Business In Brief - September 2008
Husky to De-Emphasize Large-Tonnage MachinesHusky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., Bolton, Ont., says it will de-emphasize production of large injection presses in order to concentrate on its core packaging markets, including PET preforms, closures, and thin-wall products.


Industrial CT Scanning Speeds Mold Qualification
Qualifying a mold often can take weeks and involve several costly and time-consuming steps.

Looking for Another Way to Compete?
Nearly all your costs of doing business have inflated dramatically.

Plastic Pallets Gain Ground In an Eco-Conscious World
Low-cost wood is still king, but plastics’ reusability is a growing attraction among manufacturers looking for sustainable material-handling options. The one major hurdle is today’s high resin prices.

Keeping Up With Technology

All-Electric Presses With Rotary Tables
A new all-electric toggle press for two-color or two-material applications, as well as a vertical electric press with a horizontal injection unit, will be unveiled at the IPF show by Toyo Machinery & Metal Co.

Better Ways to Buy, Use, And Maintain Auxiliaries
Processors today need no-cost and low-cost ways to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Cavity Temperature Sensors Get Waterproofed
WEB EXCLUSIVE A new line of waterproof injection molding cavity temperature sensors, which allow it to be mounted in the cooling circuit, is new from Priamus System Technologies LLC, Brunswick, Ohio.

Collision Sensors Protect Robots, Molds and Parts
A new line of robot collision sensors that prevent damage to the robot as well as parts and molds is new from SAS Automation, LLC, Xenia, Ohio.

Corrosion-Resistant SMC For Wastewater Components
A new corrosion-resistant SMC from IDI Composites International, Noblesville, Ind., is intended to replace metal in wastewater components such as lids, weir plates, control valves, plumbing flanges, pump components, and covers for tanks and manholes.

Curing Agent for Thick-Film Spray Coatings
WEB EXCLUSIVE A new chain extender reportedly helps control cure rates of polyurea and hybrid thick-film spray coatings used in truck-bed liners and construction coatings, as well as in systems used in adhesives, sealants, and elastomers.

Dyeing System Colors Sheet or Film
Instead of extruding a colored cap layer onto sheet, profiles, or film, certain clear and opaque polymers can be dyed in a water bath, infusing color about 0.01 in. into the polymer and using a fraction as much colorant as would be used in melt compounding.

Foam Retrofit for Lightweighting Profiles
Sulzer Chemtech AG in Switzerland (U.S. office in Tulsa, Okla.) launched its Optifoam physical foaming system for injection molding three years ago.

Glow-in-the-Dark Colors For Outdoor Use
Newly launched photoluminescent color concentrates are said to outperform existing glow-in-the-dark concentrates in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Heated Gate Cutters Trim More Cleanly
Heated gate cutters are once again available from IMS Co., Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Heavy-Duty Flatbed Screen Printer
A new heavy-duty flatbed screen printer is said to allow easy decoration of nameplates, promotional products, panels, signs and other items up to 5 in. high.

High-End Take-Out Robot Gets an Upgrade
A new generation of high-speed traversing robots will be introduced at the IPF show by the Japanese parent of Yushin America Inc., Cranston, R.I.

High-Heat Epoxy For Filament Winding
A polyfunctional heat-resistant epoxy resin from Master Bond Inc., Hackensack, N.J., is aimed at filament winding and pultrusion.

Lab Mixer Modified For Nano Additives
Munson Machinery Co., Utica, N.Y., has modified its Mini Mixer, a lab/pilot version of the company’s larger rotary batch blenders, to allow compounders to work with nano-additives without wasting much of the costly dust.

Lenses Are Focus For New All-Electrics
A line of horizontal electric toggle presses developed specifically for lens molding will be introduced at the November International Plastics Fair (IPF) exhibition in Tokyo by Japan Steel Works (JSW Plastic Machinery Inc., Elk Grove Village, Ill.). The new J-AD LS series, will be offered initially in two sizes of about 39 and 59 tons.

Low-Heat-Release PC for Aircraft
A new thermoformable PC sheet from SABIC Innovative Plastics, Pittsfield, Mass., complies with the OSU 65/65 standard and flame/smoke/toxicity (FST) regulations, thus avoiding the need for waivers.

Mold Release for Vinyl Ester Parts
A new mold release is designed to maintain exceptional mold detail in compression molded vinyl ester parts.

Multi-Function Sleever For Small Containers
A new high-speed sleeve labeler from France’s Sleever International (North American office in Toronto) is reportedly the first machine that combines sleeve positioning and hot-air shrinking in one device for small health and beauty containers (3 to 80 cc). The unit labels up to 18,000 units/hr.

New Foam Molding Process in Development
At May’s SPE Annual Technical Conference in Milwaukee, researchers from the Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) in Aachen, Germany, presented a progress report on a developmental physical-foaming process for standard injection machines.

New Life for Compounding Immiscible Polymer Blends
Axion International Holdings Inc. in Basking Ridge, N.J., has licensed the full range of immiscible polymer compounding technologies from Rutgers Univ., New Brunswick, N.J.

New LSRs Boast Softness, Antimicrobial Protection
New developments in liquid silicone rubber include a new low-durometer line and a novel technology that provides build-in antimicrobial protection.

New TPO Sheet is Stiff and Ductile
Two new thermoformable TPO sheet grades from A.

NIR Spot-Checks Thickness Of Super-Thin Films
Spectral analysis with visible and near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths has been used for decades to measure the thickness of coatings on silicon wafers for the electronics industry, using devices that typically cost over $100,000.

Part/Runner Separator Is Quickly Convertible
A redesigned tumbler part/runner separator has a rotating cage with interchangeable sleeves that can have different hole sizes for different parts.

PPO/Nylon ‘Closes Gap’ For Auto Body Panels
A new electrically conductive PPO/nylon blend from SABIC Innovative Plastics, Pittsfield, Mass., offers 25% lower coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and thus permits enhanced gap management for automotive body panels.

Retrofit Controller For Demag HT Machines
A new control-system retrofitdesigned specifically for HT machines from Van Dorn Demag (now part of Sumitomo Plastics Machinery) comes from Eurotherm Inc., Leesburg, Va.

Servo-Driven Mixhead Uses Ceramic Valves
A new mixing head features a patented servo-driven ceramic valve system that is said to simplify metering and dispensing of two-component reactive materials such as PUR, silicone, or epoxy by reducing downtime for cleaning and maintenance.

Sprue Picker Lets You Program It Your Way
Factory-set motion sequences, user-modified sequences, or custom programs can be set on a new, freely programmable control system that is standard for the new SR series of sprue pickers from Sepro America LLC., Pittsburgh.

Stiff, Tough, Clear PPs Shine in Oriented Bottles
A new family of PP resins tailored for stretch-blow molding has attained its first commercial uses.

Thermally Conductive Compounds for Electronics
A new line of thermally conductive compounds from Cool Polymers Inc., Warwick, R.I., is claimed to offer improved heat resistance and better heat dissipation for electronic devices such as injection molded bobbins, solenoids, ignition and clutch coils, and surface-mount coils.

Tighter Tolerances for Big Bubbles
A number of very large blown film lines have been installed recently.

TPEs Replace Thermosets In Medical Stoppers
A new line of TPE alloys from GLS, McHenry, Ill., is designed to replace thermoset rubber in medical gaskets and stoppers.

Ultrasonic Unit Offers Fast Weld Operation
A new line of ultrasonic press systems claims to have the fastest data-processing rate in the industry.

Upgraded Color-Match Software
An upgraded version of a popular color-management software program for plastics, paints, and inks is said to allow extremely accurate color matches even in difficult cases such as with transparent and translucent plastics.

UV Absorber Concentrate Adds Less Yellow to PET
A new UV concentrate contains a proprietary additive said to eliminate the typical yellow hue of UV-stabilized PET.

Why Plastic Flows Better In Aluminum Molds
It has been reported that aluminum injection molds provide faster cycles than P20 steel.

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