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August 2012

Close-Up on Technology

New Injection Screw Breaks the Rules, But Fixes Many Molding Defects
“Revolutionary” screw design turns conventional plastication theory upside down.

News in Injection Molding Control & Monitoring from NPE2012
There were also several interesting developments in injection molding control and monitoring systems at this past April’s NPE2012 exhibition in Orlando, Fla.

Processor's Edge

Meet the World’s Largest Seven-Layer Blown Film System
Raven will process barrier blown film for energy, industrial, environmental, construction, and agricultural markets on giant new Davis-Standard seven-layer line.

Know How

Maintenance Terms of Endearment
Look closely at your company’s mold maintenance language and formalize your approach to create a clear and concise picture—one that can be measured.

Mission (Nearly) Impossible: Estimating Extrusion Melt Temperature
Extrusion processors often ask screw designers to estimate the output and melt temperature of a new design in the works. Projected output of a new screw can usually be estimated fairly accurately. Melt-temperature estimate, however, is another story

Nozzle Leaks: Why They Occur, How to Detect & Fix Them
Nozzle leaks are a serious problem in injection molding. Here are some causes and remedies.

Use MFR Cautiously with Filled Materials
If melt flow rate tests are used to evaluate the effect of processing on the average molecular weight of the polymer, the applicable rules must consider the contribution of the filler to the test result.

Starting Up

3D Printing Becomes Easier Than Ever
Two major announcements in 3D printing involve a merger between two suppliers and a new system that makes rapid prototyping more affordable and easier than ever.

Algae/PP Hybrid Can Be Thermoformed
Algae and plastics do mix—that’s the message to be delivered at the upcoming Pack Expo, Oct. 28-31 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

Automotive Molders Add Big Multi-Material Presses
Two companies of the Automotive Components Div. of The Windsor Mold Group, Windsor, Ont., recently commissioned several 2200-ton multi-component injection machines from Engel Machinery Inc., York, Pa.

Bayer Divests PETG Sheet Business
Bayer MaterialScience LLC, Pittsburgh, sold its Vivak PETG sheet business in NAFTA to Plaskolite, Inc., Columbus, Ohio.

Low-Emission Acetal Meets Daimler’s Strict New Limits for Vehicle Interiors
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Germany’s Ticona Engineering Polymers is offering new-generation, low-emission, Hostaform acetals which meet Daimler’s new, stricter limits for formaldehyde emissions of acetal vehicle-interior components.

Metabolix Finds New Production Partner for Mirel PHA Biopolymer
 WEB EXCLUSIVE: Metabolix, Inc., Cambridge, Mass., and has signed a letter of intent to make its Mirel biopolymer resin at Antibioticos, Leon, Spain.

New TPE Lures Could ‘Change Fishing Forever’
Anglers, take note: Those fishing lures that look so colorful in the package on the store shelf have little or no appeal to fish in deep or cloudy water.

Simple, Economical, Manual Roll-Gap Adjustment for Sheet
Processing Technologies International (PTi), Aurora, Ill., has developed and patented a new way to manually adjust roll gap on cooling and polishing sheet roll stands.


Drumroll, Please: How Mauser Rose to Number 1
Drum blow molder Mauser has used acquisitions, home-made machine building and careful attention to processing details to take the leading position in the field.

Overcoming IML’s Challenges To Reap Its Rewards
In-mold labeling has advanced dramatically over the past 20 years, but mostly in Europe. Here is what you need to know to bring IML to your operation.

Robots at NPE: Faster, Stronger, Smarter
Among the many attractions in injection molding exhibits at NPE2012 were more intelligent robots with higher speeds and payload capacities

The Role of Screw Design In Efficient Extrusion Of Medical Devices
For extruders of medical tubing, screw design plays a key role in maintaining dimensional control, physical properties, and more.

Keeping Up With Technology

AUXILIARIES: Chatter-Free Belt Conveyors
Dynamic Conveyor, Muskegon, Mich., has made several improvements to its DynaCon modular radius-turn conveyors.

AUXILIARIES: Filter Dust Collector Prevents Vacuum-Pump Fouling
Filter Dust Collector (FDC) units from Novatec, Baltimore, reportedly provide a higher level of vacuum-pump protection than standard cyclone dust collectors.

BLOW MOLDING: All-In-One System Now Runs Faster
Sidel’s aseptic Combi Predis FMa technology—which combines PET bottle blowing, filling, and capping in a single system—is now available in a high-speed version that handles up to 48,000 bottles/hr for small containers of up to 700 ml.

COMPOUNDING: Ribbon Blenders Offer New Features
Charles Ross & Son Co., Hauppauge, N.Y., has introduced several new features on its ribbon blenders.

EXTRUSION: Die-Flow Simulation ‘in the Cloud’
Plastic Flow, LLC , Hancock, Mich., has just released a Pay Per Execution (PPX) version of its extrusion die design software, polyXtrue.

EXTRUSION: Screen Changer Controls Allows Total Process Integration
Screen-changer controls enable complete integration of the extrusion process.

INJECTION MOLDING: Nitrogen Pressure Booster for Gas Assist
At the recent NPE2012 show in Orlando, Fla., Industrial gas supplier Linde North America, Murray Hill, N.J., showed off a new liquid-nitrogen pressure booster for gas-assist injection.

INJECTION MOLDING: Train Online for ‘Scientific Troubleshooting’
At NPE2012, A. Routsis Associates, Inc., Dracut, Mass., introduced a new online series of four courses in “Scientific Troubleshooting.”

MATERIALS: Dairy-Grade HDPE for High-Throughput Blow Molding
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Total Refining & Chemicals’ Polymers Div. in Belgium (parent of Total Petrochemicals in Houston), has introduced a new HDPE with 0.962 density and low viscosity (MI2 of 2.1 g/10min) compared with standard HDPE bottle grades for fresh and long-life milk bottles.

MATERIALS: High-Flow LCPs for Thin-Wall E/E Applications
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ticona Engineering Polymers, Florence, Ky., has added a new family of high-flow grades of halogen-free, flame-retardant Vectra LCPs for use in portable electronic devices.

MATERIALS: PP Copolymer Makes Debut in Thin-Wall Food Packaging
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A new PP random copolymer from Austria’s Borealis (U.S. office at Borealis Compounds in Port Murray, N.J.), offers excellent flowability for high-speed, thin-wall food packaging.

MATERIALS: PVC Elastomers for Electric-Car Charger Cables
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Teknor Apex Co., Pawtucket, R.I., has added two new PVC elastomer compounds to its Flexalloy line, which are said to be lower-cost alternatives to other elastomers such as TPUs for electric-vehicle charger-cable insulation and jacketing.

MATERIALS: TPU Powders for SLS Prototyping & Manufacturing
WEB EXCLUSIVE:Germany’s Bayer MaterialScience (U.S. office in Pittsburgh) and Solid Composites GmbH have partnered to develop TPU powders for SLS (selective laser sintering).

Resin Prices

Commodity Resin Prices Still Dropping
Lower feedstock costs, ample material availability, and overall sluggish demand has driven prices down for the four commodity thermoplastics.


Medical Market Demand Driven by Policy for Now
How will 'Obamacare' impact the medical market for plastics processors? It's hard to see how the medical industry will not enjoy robust demand growth for years to come. On the other hand...

Reshoring Is Here—Are You Ready?
Processing jobs are coming back to the U.S. Be prepared.

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