August 2005

Close-Up on Technology

Automated Assembly Integrates Leak Testing For Lower Cost, Higher Output
Integration of leak testing into a fully automated assembly system proved to be a boon for San Diego-based Gen-Probe, Inc., a pioneer in genetic diagnostics for disease testing.

Composite Coating Makes Glass Fibers Less Aggressive in Sliding, Turning Parts
Fiber-reinforced and mineral-filled compounds are not always compatible with use in dynamic applications, where parts slide, rotate, pivot, or move across each other. "When a glass-filled part rubs against a metal surface or even a similar glass-filled surface, rapid abrasion takes place," says George Osterhout, v.p. of Dimension Bond, a Chicago-based supplier of a specialized coating service that can address this problem."The reason for the abrasion is minute ends of the fiber reinforcing materials protruding from the surface of the filled part," adds Osterhout.

Processor's Edge

China Is Ready for Value-Added Molding
A number of U.S. injection molders are establishing Chinese joint ventures and satellite molding plants to take advantage of the huge market opportunities there and to defend against the perceived threat of low-cost competition.


Air, Land and Sea: Composites Advance on All Fronts
Part II of our report on the leading international composites show includes news for everything from high-tech aircraft manufacturing to boat building and automotive SMC.

Barrier Bottle Technologies Square Off
With single-serve containers raising shelf-life demands, packagers are seeking the barrier with the best cost-performance for PET bottles. Multilayer seems to have the upper hand, but monolayer, coating, and oxygen-scavenger technologies have all won niches.

Web Poll: Ideas That Changed Plastics
Was it the reciprocating-screw injection machine that did it?

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