May 2009

Close-Up on Technology

Go Beyond SPC For Molding Process Control
A new real-time statistical analysis system for injection molding reportedly provides a new level of fault detection and process quality.

Internally Cooled Pipe Die Speeds Output, Reduces Stresses
The recently developed Internal Air Cooling Die from iBA GmbH in Germany substantially increases output of polyolefin pipe or correspondingly reduces the length of downstream cooling, the company says.

Processor's Edge

Keeping Track of 4300 Products
Rowmark LLC in Findlay, Ohio, is an extruder of specialized sheet materials for engraving, architectural signage, awards, and identification.

Starting Up

Hourly Rate Survey - May 2009
 Our latest survey of 82 custom injection molders confirms the obvious—they’re hurting.

Temporary Lull in Price Hikes
For the most part, commodity resin prices were stable last month, though rising feedstock prices, some upticks in demand, and revival of exports indicate pressure building for higher prices. 

Your Business In Brief - May 2009
Lots of Recent Acquisitions In Resins & AdditivesA number of major businesses have changed hands recently.


ANTEC at NPE: Editors' Picks
One of the unusual features of NPE 2009 in Chicago June 22-24 will be the first-ever concurrent presentation of the SPE ANTEC conference, by far the largest of seven conferences at McCormick Place during the show.

NPE 2009 News Flash
Injection MoldingHybrid Press Has Electric ClampNew injection presses that combine servo-electric and hydraulic movements to achieve high performance with energy efficiency will be discussed by Arburg Inc., Newington, Conn.

Survival of the Most Efficient
After preparing our latest Custom Injection Molders’ Hourly Rates Survey report, with its grim picture for custom molders, I became curious about long-term trends in molding economics.

Keeping Up With Technology

Adjustable Pipe Calibrator Has Bigger Diameter Range
When Rival A/S in Skanderborg, Denmark, introduced its adjustable calibrating sleeve at the K 2004 show in Dusseldorf, the sleeve made small adjustments of only up to about 4% to fit European pipe standards.

Conformal Mold Cooling Gains Another Licensee
A patented conformal cooling process developed by Ritemp Technologies Pty.

Die-Drawn Boards Of Mineral-Filled PP
A new development in die-drawn polypropylene building profiles will be introduced by Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich., in a paper at the SPE ANTEC conference, which will be held concurrent with the NPE 2009 show in Chicago next month.

EDI Now Repairs Blown Film Dies
Last year, Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC in Chippewa Falls, Wis., bought Quality Machine of Chippewa Falls Inc., a reconditioner of blown film dies.

Energy Management A Theme at NPE
Addressing the need for tighter cost control, several firms will offer new devices for energy monitoring.

First Phosphonate Polymer Is Flame Retardant
FRX Polymers LLC in Chelmsford, Mass., is a two-year-old company that is developing entirely new polymers based on phosphonate.

High-Tonnage Hybrids
A new line of large hybrid presses comes from Nissei Plastic Industrial Co.

Injection and Blow Molding Combine To Mold Large, Hollow Channels
WEB EXCLUSIVE A new method developed at the University of Paderborn in Germany combines injection and blow molding techniques to produce thick-walled parts with adjacent thin-walled zones and very large hollow sections in the thick areas.

Laser Measures Embossing Depth In-Line
A laser-triangulation distance-measuring sensor, used initially for inline monitoring of PVC window-profile shapes, can now measure embossing depth.

Manufacturing Cell for Multi-Component Molding
A manufacturing cell designed for production of handles and grips made of multiple materials of different thicknesses requiring differing cooling times is new from Italian injection machine supplier Presma SpA (represented here by Presma Corp., East Brunswick, N.J.). In a demonstration, the cell produced a PP handle overmolded with a TPE in one of four different colors, with cycle time from 50 to 60 sec.

New Nozzle for Small Parts
A slim manifold nozzle for small parts is new from Synventive Molding Solutions, Peabody, Mass.

New Servo Robots For Small Presses
A line of high-speed, three-axis servo robots for small machines is new from Sterling Inc., New Berlin, Wis.

News in Long-Fiber Thermoplastics at NPE
WEB EXCLUSIVE At NPE next month, at least two materials suppliers will be featuring new developments in long-fiber thermoplastic (LFT) compounds.

Non-Crosslinked HDPE for Hot-Water Pressure Pipe
Hostalen 4731B HDPE is the latest trimodal HDPE from LyondellBasell in the Netherlands.

Optical Metrology Gets Upgrades
The SmartScope Quest 300 benchtop multisensor optical metrology system will be introduced by Optical Gaging Products Inc. (OGP), Rochester, N.Y.

Softer Self-Adhesive LSR
The Select-Hesive line of liquid silicone rubbers for injection molding offer primerless adhesion when overmolded onto various thermoplastics.

Updated Twin-Bed Dryers Enhance Process Stability
WEB EXCLUSIVE At the NPE show next month, Wittmann Battenfeld, Torrington, Conn., will show the new Drymax E Series, the latest version of its Drymax twin-bed central dryers.

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