July 2000

Starting Up

Plastics Plants Can Be Safe Even for Blind Workers
Few U.S. manufacturers, including plastics processing plants, have the vision to employ sight-impaired persons in their operations.

Your Business in Brief - July 2000
Brown + Lyle = Thermoforming GiantFurther consolidation of thermoforming equipment makers was announced at NPE 2000 last month.


Get a Stake in PVC Fencing

PVC fence markets are posting rapid gains, prompting profile extruders to install new machines by the dozens and convert existing plants from pipe and siding production. New players are jumping in, too including makers of wood-filled composites.

Get the Right Additives for mLLDPE Film

Since the advent of metallocene-catalyzed plastomer and LLDPE film resins, improving processability while retaining their inherently high physical and optical properties has been an industry target.

NPE Assembled Plenty of News In Welding, Bonding & Fastening

Electric servo-drive technology, new controls, larger-part capability, and ability to handle lower viscosity resins were some of the themes echoed in the new group of welding, bonding, and joining devices exhibited last month at NPE 2000 in Chicago. Also shown were two new approaches to laser welding, a new adhesive that cures in UV or visible light, and new tape adhesives for gasketing or hard-to-bond applications. Two new mechanical devices, including an automated insert-setting device for plastics, were also shown.

NPE Just Gets Bigger and Better

This month’s show in Chicago was my tenth NPE, and it was by far the most impressive and enjoyable.

NPE Offered Extensive Line-Up Of New Granulators & Shredders

While most of the new granulators shown at NPE 2000 last month were beside-the-press models, there was also an accent on larger units with an appetite for tough hunks of large-diameter PVC pipe, bundles of textile fibers, and wads of molten bottle flash. Many are configured for “difficult” resins from engineering types to soft TP elastomers.

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