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April 2014

Close-Up on Technology

Enhanced Resins & Additives At Biopolymers Conference
An industry gathering sponsored by NatureWorks is a forum for materials, additives, and processing advances.

'Germ Warfare’: New Materials Withstand Sterilization, Disinfectant Barrage
At recent Plastec West show, material suppliers introduced grades that can withstand more and more varied sterilizations and/or materials that utilize specialty additives to impart antimicrobial properties.

Mid-Size Thermoformer Uses High-End CAD Tools
Dordan has found it important to develop a stepping-stone between concept and reality when it comes to communicating a packaging concept’s form and function to the customer.

Processor's Edge

Back to Its Roots in Film Extrusion
After drydocking its film extrusion business in '99, converter goes back to its roots with upstart sister company.

Know How

A Better Way to Balance Die Flow
Use temperature adjustments before making any mechanical tweaks.

Melt Flow Rate Testing—Part 9
Understanding the value of melt-volume rate.

Screw Speed Versus Recovery Time
Many molders don't take screw-rotation speed into account when developing a process for a new mold. Here's why they should.

Starting Up

APPLICATION: High-Diffusion PC Featured In Low-Cost, Award-Winning LED Bulb
The high-diffusion Lexan PC enables the injection-blow molding of the Infinia LED bulb resulting in a bulb with omnidirectional evenly dispersed light.

APPLICATION: Optical Sorter Boosts CarbonLite's RPET Quality
An Buhler Sortex optical sorting system is optimized for RPET bottling operation.

APPLICATION: PPS Used In Novel Heat Exchanger
Using Fortron PP and ceramics, Bomat's heat exchanger is said to be the first that has no metal in the exhaust-gas section

APPLICATION: Specialized PC Grades Improve Efficiency in New LED Luminaires
Long-time manufacturer of durable lighting for demanding environments Kenall Lighting, Gurnee, Ill., opted to use Makrolon PC grades from Bayer MaterialScience, Pittsburgh, specifically developed for use in LED lighting for a new line of luminaires, citing improved light transmission and efficiency when compared with competitive products.

APPLICATION: Synthetic Reinforcement Used in PP Door Trim
Milliken's Hyperform HPR-803i magnesium-based reinforcing fibers adds exterior door trim to its cache of automotive applications.

APPLICATION: Transmission Conductor Features Multi-Stranded Composite Core Of Celstran CFR-TPR
An affordable new option for utility transmission lines from Southwire uses a multi-stranded composite core of Celanese's Celstran continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic rods (CFR-TPR).

Carbonated Beverage Bottle Gets Even Lighter
Cutting soft-drink bottle weight another 30-45%.

Chinaplas 2014 Goes Bigger, Greener
Giant plastics show will emphasize sustainability in various forms.

Hyundai targets North American market with Korean made injection molding machines
Korean car makers setting up shop in the United States are increasingly bringing their suppliers along. In a recent twist, however, now their suppliers’ suppliers are coming stateside as well, with the latest—Hyundai Injection Machinery—sharing its roots with the Korean conglomerate and automaker of the same name.

LSR Molders Get New Control Over Cure Speeds
New LSR system lets molders tailor cure speed for each job.

Milacron Buys Kortec Coinjection Technology
Kortec plus Mold-Masters equals a powerhouse in coinjection.

More Details on Molding the BMW i3 Electric Car
Massive machines paired up to mold body-shell components.

Octal to Start PET Sheet Extrusion in Ohio
APET sheet to be made exclusively from sheet flake.

Reactive Liquid Acrylic for In-Situ Thermoplastic Composites
Easy impregnation of fiber composites and room-temperature processing plus toughness, weldability, and recyclability.

Styrolution Consolidates PS Business
Styrolution takes steps to strengthen the long-term sustainability of its PS business.

Why Thermoplastic Composites Are Hot in Automotive
A new conference brings together the leaders in this emerging field of technology.

Processor's Business Index

Processing Business Still Growing
Processing market grows for the third time in four months.


Compounding PLA on Twin-Screws: What Testing Reveals
Twin-screw extrusion is the preferred method for compounding PLA and other biopolymers. But processing PLA is complicated because it’s sensitive to heat and shear. It’s also prone to hydrolytic degradation if moisture is present in molten PLA. Here’s what one machine builder’s trials revealed.

Custom Structural Foam: A Small But Thriving Niche
How to succeed in the small but busy world of custom structural foam? Maximize your pounds per hour and use robots.

The Power of Numbers: Time to Step Up to Five Layers
Five-layer technology can provide processors with more productivity and greater flexibility to produce a wider range of products from a single line.

Keeping Up With Technology

ADDITIVES: Foaming Agents for ABS & PVC Pipe, Profiles
Processing and performance advantages are claimed for two new exothermic foaming agents for ABS and PVC.

ADDITIVES: Low-VOC 'Kickers' for PVC Foams
New generation mixed-metal activators for foamed PVC reduce organic emissions and fogging effects.

ADDITIVES: Propylene-Based Elastomer Plays Key Role in Novel CFA for Foamed PP
Polyfil's new CFA masterbatch used Vistamaxx propylene-based elastomer as a carrier which is said to deliver several processing and end-use advantages for foamed PP and thermoformed products.

BONDING: Structural Adhesive for Polyolefins
A new adhesive for polyolefins presents a bonding alternative to mechanical assembly, heat/vibration welding, or solvent welding.

COMPOUNDING: Process Pelletizes and Crystallizes
Process avoids the need to cool PET after pelletizing and then reheat it for crystallization

COMPOUNDING: Quick-Change Cutting Chamber Slices Downtime
New quick-change cutting chamber for strand pelletizer said to deliver easy and quick removal of the cutting chamber with minimum downtime.

DECORATING: Economical Dry-Offset Strap Printer
The same high-quality print is offered by a simpler dry-offset plastic strap printer as its larger brethren.

DECORATING: Hand-Held Barcode Scanner Integrated Into Inkjet And Pad Printers
The installation of a barcode scanner in a printing system eliminates the risk of improper parameters being loaded when changing from one print job to the next.

EXTRUSION: Another Way to Extrude PET Without Drying
A planetary-roller section allows efficient degassing.

HEATING/COOLING: Novel Heaters for Injection Nozzles, Extrusion Melt Pipes
Plasma-sprayed coating with insulating cover provides faster, more uniform heating.

HEATING/COOLING: Water-cooled temperature controller utilizes stainless steel and glycol for longer life
Longer life, greater efficiency, and higher accuracy are designed into a new water-cooled temperature controller, according to its manufacturer.

INJECTION MOLDING: Compact, Self-Contained Single Valve Gate
It's unusually compact because it all fits within the locating ring.

INJECTION MOLDING: First 7-Component Mold System For Toothbrushes
In two stations, four materials are injected in six colors.

MATERIALS: Acrylic-Based Liquid Thermoplastics Process Like Thermosets
Arkema's liquid thermoplastics are based on a high-molecular-weight acrylic and can be transformed using the same processes as composite thermosets.

MATERIALS: Blow-Moldable TPV for Automotive and Beyond
This 90 Shore A hardness blow-moldable TPV can be optimized with specific softness needed in a variety of parts.

MATERIALS: Catheters Can Be Translucent and Radiopaque
Novel TPU enables manufacture of catheters that are optically clear and highly radiopaque.

MATERIALS: Celanese Offers Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies for Engineered Materials
Celanese material scientists have developed various traceability technologies to help customers avoid significant losses due to missed business opportunities, image-loss of brand, unwarranted claims for damages and patent infringement.

MATERIALS: New Extrusion Grade Nylon 410
Targeted to film, fiber, and monofilament markets is a new nylon 410 said to surpass other "green" nylons due to its much higher melting point.

MATERIALS: New Styrenic TPEs for Auto Seals
More performance options and improved economics over TPVs are claimed for new styrenic-based TPEs for automotive sealing systems

SOFTWARE: More accurate quotes, faster
Cost-estimating software is taking mold quoting from back-of-the-envelope guesswork to computer-generated model.

TESTING: Enhanced Moisture Analyzer for Lab & Plant Floor
New moisture analyzer boasts enhanced connectivity for easy data transfer.

Resin Prices

PP Prices Down, Others Up
The second quarter started with higher prices for PE, PS, PVC, and ABS, but PP was down a bit.


Get Better At Drying
Supplement coming in May will focus on this vexing problem.

Market Watch

Reshoring & Robotics Trends Bode Well for Electronics
As robots become more commonplace—in industry and consumer markets—electronics will continue to be a strong market for plastics processors.

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