March 2003

Close-Up on Technology

Injection Blow Molding COC Arrives: Here's How to Do It
Cyclic olefin copolymers, or COCs, are a new family of amorphous engineering thermoplastics with high clarity, moisture barrier, HDT, and chemical resistance.

Marine Fuel-Tank Molders Grapple with Regulatory Threat
Rotational molders of fuel tanks for boats fear that new emissions requirements being proposed by the U.S.

Processor's Edge

Logistics, Training & Teamwork Support Custom Processor’s Juggling Act
In the 50 years since it opened its doors as a custom thermoformer in Hanover, Pa., McClarin Plastics’ world has grown a lot more complicated.

Starting Up

Your Business in Brief - March 2003
Process Control Starts Molding Div.Historically focused on supplying auxiliary equipment for plastics extrusion, Process Control Corp. in Atlanta has formed a new Molding Div. to serve injection molders.

Recycled Resin Prices Poised to Move Up
Both recyclers and processors are expecting higher prices for recycled resins this year.

Your Business Outlook - March 2003
Growth will continue to be slow for industrial liners, consumer trash bags, and institutional trash bags.


Barrier PET Bottles
No Breakthrough in Beer, But Juice & Soda Surge Ahead

E-Collaboration Is Coming (But More Slowly Than Expected)
Use of internet e-collaboration in plastics remains very small-scale, but big auto-parts suppliers are giving it a push.

Mold Designers Put the Web to Work
The internet is redefining the tool-design process. Some mold designers are finding that using the Web to manage a tool project can shorten lead times, cut costs, and make sure vital data get to all participants in a project.

The ‘E’ Thing Keeps Getting Bigger
I’ll admit it: Sometimes I cringe at all the promotional talk about e-this and e-that from internet enthusiasts who sound like they can’t wait until virtual environments replace real life.

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