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Starting Up

Your Business in Brief - March 2003
Process Control Starts Molding Div.Historically focused on supplying auxiliary equipment for plastics extrusion, Process Control Corp. in Atlanta has formed a new Molding Div. to serve injection molders.

Your Business Outlook - March 2003
Growth will continue to be slow for industrial liners, consumer trash bags, and institutional trash bags.

Recycled Resin Prices Poised to Move Up
Both recyclers and processors are expecting higher prices for recycled resins this year.


Mold Designers Put the Web to Work
The internet is redefining the tool-design process. Some mold designers are finding that using the Web to manage a tool project can shorten lead times, cut costs, and make sure vital data get to all participants in a project.

Barrier PET Bottles
No Breakthrough in Beer, But Juice & Soda Surge Ahead

E-Collaboration Is Coming (But More Slowly Than Expected)
Use of internet e-collaboration in plastics remains very small-scale, but big auto-parts suppliers are giving it a push.

The ‘E’ Thing Keeps Getting Bigger
I’ll admit it: Sometimes I cringe at all the promotional talk about e-this and e-that from internet enthusiasts who sound like they can’t wait until virtual environments replace real life.

Close-Up on Technology

Injection Blow Molding COC Arrives: Here's How to Do It
Cyclic olefin copolymers, or COCs, are a new family of amorphous engineering thermoplastics with high clarity, moisture barrier, HDT, and chemical resistance.

Marine Fuel-Tank Molders Grapple with Regulatory Threat
Rotational molders of fuel tanks for boats fear that new emissions requirements being proposed by the U.S.

Processor's Edge

Logistics, Training & Teamwork Support Custom Processor’s Juggling Act
In the 50 years since it opened its doors as a custom thermoformer in Hanover, Pa., McClarin Plastics’ world has grown a lot more complicated.


Melt Fracture or Interfacial Instability? Different Ills Needs Different Cures
 In blown film, clarity is often considered synonymous with quality.

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