October 2001

Starting Up

Location - October 2001
If you were going to mold or extrude plastics, would you set up shop in the middle of Wyoming?

Your Business in Brief - October 2001
Dow Buys Celotex Insulation BusinessDow Chemical Co., Mid-land, Mich., last month made a major addition to its building-materials business with the purchase of Celotex Corp.'s rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam insulation products for residential and commercial markets.Celotex Corp. will retain use of the Celotex name, but Dow has acquired former Celotex product brands including Tuff-R, Super Tuff-R, Sturdy-R, Thermax, Hy-Therm, Celo-Vent, and Tuff-Wrap.


AC Variable-Speed Drives Raise Molding Productivity

A more economical approach than either all-electric servo drives or special hydraulic pump packages is offered by Magnum LLC, Garden Grove, Calif. It is one of several firms that retrofit AC induction pump motors with variable-speed drive systems in place of the usual fixed-speed pump motor.

Holes in the Screw Flights Boost PS Foam Output

Unusual tapered openings through the flights of a deep-channeled cooling screw can raise the output of extruded polystyrene foam sheet and planks by as much as 70%. So says the inventor of the patented Turbo-Cool screw, Jim Fogarty, president of Plastic Engineering Associates Inc. in Boca Raton, Fla. Turbo-Cool is believed to be the first screw to use cross-flight holes, which Fogarty says contribute better mixing and heat transfer while using less energy.

IMPACT: Which Test to Use? Which Instrument to Buy?

Impact testing is a complex and controversial subject, and one that is in the midst of change. These factors add challenge to selection of the most appropriate impact instrument for a processor's lab.

K 2001 Shows Off New Hot Runners & Controls

Smaller pitch distances, fewer leaks, more uniform temperature profiles, and easier-to-use controls are themes to be found in displays of new hot-runner products at this month's mammoth show in Dusseldorf, Germany. Here's a rundown of news revealed before show time.

K 2001: A Big Show for Additives

Plastics additives don't normally get star billing at trade shows, but this month's K 2001 exhibition (Oct. 23 to Nov. 1) in Dusseldorf, Germany, is different.

Nanocomposites Broaden Roles in Automotive, Barrier Packaging

Nanocomposites are gradually gaining acceptance in the mainstream of global plastics processing. These polymer compounds, containing relatively low loadings (under 6% by weight) of nanometer-sized mineral particles, are beginning to show up in polypropylene and TPO-based automotive exterior claddings, barrier beer bottles, nylon packaging films, polyethylene pipe and wire/cable coatings, and more.

The Right Way & The Wrong Way To Add Materials Conveying Capacity

Whether you're expanding your current plant or consolidating operations and moving equipment from one location to another, you will need to make sure that your material-handling system delivers the productivity you expect.

Things Have Changed
"I live in New York." When I travel, that sentence always brings a reaction from out-of-towners—often positive, sometimes less so.

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