April 2002

Close-Up on Technology

Boron Nitride Processing Aid Boosts Quality of mLLDPE Film
Compounders and processors of mLLDPE blown film who are looking for improved processability and film quality at comparable or even lower total cost may want to take a look at a new family of boron nitride (BN) processing aids.

Can Lasers Make the Cut For Trimming Complex Parts?
 In Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, laser trimming is reportedly making in-line thermoforming and trimming of heavy-gauge industrial parts more viable and cost-effective than in the past.

Low-Cost Process Makes Crosslinked PE Foam
A new way to make closed-cell, crosslinked polyolefin foam buns uses far less expensive equipment and less energy than conventional processes.

Molding Simulation Gets Easier Than Ever
 In the mid-'90s, when Peter Rucinski worked for a plastics resin supplier, he broke his company's record by performing 30 mold simulations in one year.

Starting Up

Hourly Rates Dipped Again at Midyear
 Custom injection molders' machine-hour rates dipped 1.3% on average in the second quarter of the year, according to 122 plants responding to our latest semi-annual survey.

Secrets of Water Injection
Molding with water is still more art than science.

Your Business in Brief - April 2002
Dow to End Nylon Sales for SolutiaDow Plastics, Midland, Mich., and Solutia Inc., St.

Your Business Outlook - April 2002
Mastio’s latest polyethylene film market study shows medical film to be the 10th fastest growing market within the 42 film markets that Mastio & Company follows.


Getting Your Money's Worth On-Line?
Buying plastics materials, equipment, or spare parts via the Internet is supposed to offer convenience, speed, and reduced transaction costs for both buyer and seller.

Water Injection Molding Makes Hollow Parts Faster, Lighter
Water-assisted injection molding is the newest way to mold hollow or partly hollow parts.

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