May 2010

Close-Up on Technology

'Extreme Performance' Copolymers Push the Boundaries for Polycarbonate
Already a familiar sight on European store shelves, the eye-catching appeal of "IML" is gaining traction among North American injection molders. The latest tooling and automation designs can handle the higher volumes needed here.

New Standard & Labeling Proposed for Dryer Energy Ratings
Some sources say energy is the second largest cost in plastics processing after raw materials.

Know How

How to Make the Transition to Electric Presses
Electric injection machines are becoming more and more prevalent, and as they hit the shop floor, you are responsible for making them produce parts with dimensions, appearance, and performance to client specifications.

How to Spec a Flat Die
So it’s time for you to buy a new die for film or sheet.

Single-Screw Mixing 101
Almost all processes using a single screw require some degree of mixing, whether it’s just to homogenize regrind with virgin resin or to mix in some color concentrate.

Starting Up

Industry & Technology News: May 2010
New Bio-Based PVC Plasticizers & Nylon 410What are billed as the first primary plasticizers for PVC wire and cable with nearly 100% renewable content and a brand-new bio-based nylon were introduced last month.


Aluminum Injection Tooling: How to Use & Maintain It
Part II of III

Come Blog With Us…And Learn About Our Other E-Products Too
If you’ve poked around our website ( you might have noticed a few new things.

From Pattern Maker to Custom Thermoformer: Mayfield Rides the Medical Wave
 The story of Mayfield Plastics will ring familiar to anyone who’s been around plastics processing for a few years.

What You Don't Know About Solids Flow Can Hurt Your Feeding Efficiency
Plastics processors who want to specify an optimal resin feeding and conveying system need to know about the handling characteristics of their materials.

Keeping Up With Technology

Cooling Tank for Medical Tubing
New vacuum cooling tanks from Conair, Cranberry Township.

Europe Begins Pilot Production of PLA
WEB EXCLUSIVE: The first European production of polylactic acid (PLA) biopolymer went on stream last month at a pilot plant of Futerro, the 50/50 joint venture of Total Petrochemicals and Galactic, both of Brussels, Belgium.

Fluid Cleans Hot-Oil Systems 'On The Fly'
The new AC System Cleaner Liquid from Paratherm Corp., West Conshohocken, Pa., is recommended for cleaning large systems using aromatic/synthetic-based heat-transfer fluids.

High-Flow PPS for Thin-Wall E/E Parts
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ticona, Florence, Ky., introduced Fortron 6162A7, a mineral/glass-filled PPS with exceptionally high flow for thin-wall electrical/electronic parts in appliances and industrial equipment.

Largest Nylon Oil Pans Yet
WEB EXCLUSIVE: What are said to be the four largest nylon oil pans ever made are also the first off-highway oil pans injection molded of nylon 66.

Medium-Density mPE for Tough, Stiff, High-Clarity Films
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Significant downgauging potential and outstanding processability on both LDPE and LLDPE extrusion equipment are claimed for new Enable mPE 35-05CH, a metallocene MDPE from ExxonMobil Chemical, Houston.

More Compact Extruders for Clean Rooms
The new Compact MD series extruder from American Kuhne, Ashaway, R.I., is designed specifically for cleanroom and controlled environments.

More High-Temperature, Biobased Nylons
WEB EXCLUSIVE: In this month’s Starting Up section, we report on a new nylon 410, based on castor oil, from DSM of the Netherlands and Evansville, Ind.

New HNBR Rubber for LIM
Now there’s something besides liquid silicone rubber for liquid injection molding.

New PC Grades for LED Lighting
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Two new developments from Bayer MaterialScience LLC, Pittsburgh, are said to provide new capabilities in LED lenses and lighting fixtures.

Non-Halogen FR-TPEs for Electronic Cables
WEB EXCLUSIVE: GLS Thermoplastic Elastomers, McHenry, Ill., a unit of PolyOne Corp., has introduced two new grades of halogen-free, flame-retardant (HFFR) TPEs for consumer electronic power cords and auxiliary cables.

Online Training to Operate All-Electric Injection Machines
Tthere is still need to educate molders on how to set up and operate all-electric injection machines.

Plug-'N-Play Hot-Runner Systems for Small Parts
Synventive Molding Solutions, Peabody, Mass., has two new hot-runner products: Model 06E threaded/screw-fit nozzle and model PNC30 pneumatic bolt-on actuator for valve gates.

Prices Up This Month for Thermoplastics, Thermosets
WEB EXCLUSIVE: May will see a number of price hikes in nylons, styrenic block copolymers, and thermoset (unsaturated) polyesters:BASF hiked nylon 6 by 5¢/lb on May 3, while DSM raised nylon 6 extrusion and compounding grades 10¢ on May 1.

Springs Molded of High-Heat Thermoplastic
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Fiber-reinforced plastic springs are being molded of Ultem polyetherimide by Lee Spring Co.

Two New LDPEs for Packaging
Two new LDPE resins for injection and blow molded packaging have been introduced globally by LyondellBasell Industries, Wilmington, Del.


Hourly Rates Survey: Hourly Rates Held Through 2009
Despite record-low machine capacity utilization last year, custom injection molders’ machine-hour rates held more or less even.

Resin Buying Strategies: Resin Prices Soften
Despite further increases in prices of commodity resins in March and April, all indicators point to lower pricing, except perhaps for PVC, according to purchasing consultants at Resin Technology, Inc. (RTi) in Fort Worth, Texas ( Improvements in the supply of ethylene and propylene monomers were a key factor in lower prices.

The Practical Processor: May 2010
Your processing questions answered

Wood on Plastics: Demand for Medical Products Continues to Expand
The healthcare industry has received a lot of attention recently.

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