BASF to Expand North American Capacity of UV Stabilizers

Capital investment to boost production of Tinuvin product lines in step with polyolefin capacity expansions.

BASF, Florham Park, N.J., has elaborated further on the North American part of the planned $218 million global investment in its plastic additives business. It pertains to the company’s McIntosh, Alabama, site, and an increase in production capacity of the Tinuvin product lines of UV stabilizers, which include hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) and UV absorbers (UVAs).

BASF’s investment aligns with announced expansions by existing and new suppliers of polyolefins in North America, which significantly boosts production capacity of PE in the market. “To us, this is a clear signal of our customers’ commitment to growth in the region…the close proximity of our McIntosh site to our customers’ plants places us in an ideal position to fuel their growth,” said Anup Kothari, senior v.p., BASF Performance Chemicals. The investment to increase production capacity of benzotriazoles, in particular, is expected to better serve the global needs of the company’s customers in both plastics and coatings

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