Ci3000+ Xenon Weather-Ometer®

The Ci3000+ with its advanced digital control system, is the perfect balance of price and performance in a state-of-the-art weathering testing instrument. · 4500 W water cooled xenon arc lamp · Total exposure area of 2,188 cm2 · TFT full color touch screen control panel · Direct setting and control of irradiance · Direct setting and control of BPT/BST (temperature range: BPT 40º to 110º C; BST 40º to 120º C) · Direct setting and control of relative humidity (humidity range: automatic 10 to 100% RH) · Direct setting and control of specimen and chamber air temperature · Multi-language capability · SmartDamper™ to reduce test variability in chamber temperature and humidity and compensates for changes in ambient laboratory conditions · SmartLight Monitor™ to verify that the correct light capsule is installed · Xenon lamp cooling system to dramatically reduce the amount of cooling water used · Specimen and rack spray · Filter combinations available for tailoring the spectral output of the xenon arc lamp · Single-tier specimen rack