Ci5000 Xenon Weather-Ometer®

The Ci5000 represents a significant advance in applying state-of-the-art digital and optical technologies to large capacity laboratory weathering instrumentation, establishing new standards of performance for reproducibility, repeatability and operating efficiency. · 12000 W water cooled xenon arc lamp system · Total exposure area: 11,000 cm2 · Automatic irradiance control at 340 nm, 300-400 nm, or 400-750 nm · Automatic, on rack Black Panel Temperature Control (Temperature range: BPT 40 to 110 ºC; BST 40 to 120 ºC) · Automatic blower speed control · Automatic test time countdown in kJ/m2 · Water purity meter · Automatic Humidity Control · Specimen and rack spray · Filter combinations available for tailoring the spectral output of the xenon arc lamp · 3-tier specimen rack (specimen holders not included) · Multi-language touch screen capability (English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese) · Instrument footprint is 180 cm x 302 cm · CE model available