Engel Bundles Its MES Expertise Into T.I.G.

T.I.G. now handles Engel's plantwide monitoring solution.

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With the integration of Austrian software developer T.I.G. into the Engel group of companies last year, T.I.G. is now the sole producer of MES solutions within the Engel group (U.S. office in York, Pa.). Engel will no longer supply its own “e-factory” MES system—which was developed with T.I.G. Instead, Engel will rely on the “authentig” MES software suite from T.I.G. to provide “an independent, neutral interface solution,” according to T.I.G. For e-factory users, this means only the product name will change, while the functionality and operating logic remain the same. Engel contacts in sales and customer service also will not change.

T.I.G. and Engel together have over 8000 networked injection molding machines, and seven of the world’s 10 largest automotive component suppliers are T.I.G. customers.

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