Glass-Reinforced ABS/Nylon Debuts in Customized Control Panel Housing

Ineos Styrolution's Terblend N chosen by two premium agricultural utility vehicle manufacturers.

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A line of ABS/nylon blends, sold under the Terblend brand, developed by Ineos Styrolution, Aurora, Ill., especially well-suited for the manufacture of economical interior automotive components where a matte surface finish that does not require painting is desirable., is gaining new applications According to the company, two manufacturers of premium agricultural utility vehicles were looking for a material for the housing of the control panels as an equipment variant in their machinery. User-friendly handling along with high-quality matte surface and excellent haptics were key requirements.

            Terblend N NG02 EF grade, an 8% glass-fiber-reinforced, UV-stabilized ABS/nylon blend which boasts enhanced dimensional stability, rigidity and high flowability was identified as particularly suitable. Despite the glass fiber content, this blend reportedly offers a high-quality surface with matte appearance and excellent haptics, along with a very low moisture absorbance in comparison to nylon. One of the two manufacturers opted for the use of the material in a second component which also contains a certain amount of a TPE. Says Ineos Styrolution’s global automotive sales director Christophe Ginss, “Apart from control panels, Terblend N NG02 EF is used for many automotive interior applications, for instance, defrost vents. Other blends of Terblend N are used for applications like loudspeaker grills, seat covers, or venting devices, depending on the respective requirements.” 

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