HVUL2 Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber

The Atlas HVUL2 Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber is designed for the flammability testing of plastic materials used in consumer electronic devices and appliances. · Burner angle adjustable to 0º, 20º, 45º · Flexible iris hand access ports · Remote burner positioning · Sliding tempered glass viewing window · Removable burner carriage assembly · Digital timers located in line of sight with specimen · Digital timers with resolution of 0.1 sec · Remote control with push button reset for in-chamber event timing. · Electrical gas shut-off solenoid · Gas control system · Flame confirmation kit (ASTM D5207)% · Black interior finish · Performs all UL 94 tests (Except Section 10.0 Radiant Panel Test) · Bench top chamber (Volume greater than 0.75 m3 · Tirril Burner · Multi-directional specimen and burner positioning apparatus