– PhotoWith SmartConnex, each feeder has its own K Tron Control Module (KCM), usually mounted directly on the feeder.

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With SmartConnex, each feeder has its own K Tron Control Module (KCM), usually mounted directly on the feeder. The KCM combines feeder control and motor drive modules into a single compact housing, offering more flexibility and excellent performance.

KCMs are available in several configurations depending on the controlled equipment or device, providing all the software required for continuous or batch applications:

  • KCM/DC for screw feeders, weigh belt feeders, flow meters and PID devices
  • KCM/VIB for vibratory feeders
  • KCM/Stepper for Bulk Solids PumpTM (BSP) and Microfeeder
  • KCM/AC for interfacing with external motor drives such as frequency inverters or servo drives

K-Tron Control Module

  Smart K-Link Interface Boards for KCM

In addition to feeder control, the KCM handles motor drive functions with high-turndown, high-accuracy, 100% digital control capability that can be applied to the widest range of motor operating conditions, virtually eliminating the need for switches, jumpers or reprogramming for different motor sizes and speeds.

The KCM also simplifies control installation. Motor and speed control cables are prewired at the factory. Large, freestanding control panels are reduced to wall-mount size or even eliminated. By reducing components, using off-the-shelf I/O modules, and minimal field wiring, the KCM further reduces initial hardware and installation costs. Open design and ease of use also lower operation and maintenance costs. The KCM has a NEMA4/IP65 sealed housing with indicator lights visible from the outside. A cable-free infrared data link lets users perform configuration or diagnostics with a notebook computer or connect via RS232 cable.

All KCMs include integrated refill control for K-Tron self contained vacuum conveying products. Refill control can be handled through the feeder operator interface eliminating the need for a separate programming unit (additional info).