LCP in Award-Winning Ultra-Flat OLED Light Element

Ultra-flat OLED module uses LCP with laser direct structuring in MID

A specialized liquid-crystal polymer (LCP) designed for laser direct structuring (LDS) is used in the molded interconnect device (MID) module for organic light-emitting diode (OLED) lighting developed by German manufacturer of MID components 2E Mechatronic GmbH. It was awarded the MID-Industry Award 2013 from the Research Association 3-D MID e.V., which recognizes trend-setting, innovative products with MIDs, at the Nuremberg SMT/Hybrid/Packaging trade fair this past April.


The OLED module reportedly represents an aesthetic, ready-to-connect solution that maintains its slim design, thanks to a very flat casing that was developed by completely integrating the electronics via LDS. (The LDS process involves a special resin additive that can be activated by a laser, allowing for selective metallization of conductive circuit pathways on the surface of the MID.) The assembly is said to deliver a glare-free, uniform area of light and opens up new opportunities in the design of ultra-flat lighting systems.


The MID for this OLED is molded of Vectra E840i LDS from Ticona, Florence, Ky. This is a 40% mineral-filled grade with LDS additive, suitable for reflow soldering and reportedly more isotropic than other LCP grades.

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