– Single Screw Photo(s) – Twin Screw Photo(s) – Bulk Solids Pump Photo(s) – Vibratory Photo(s) – Specialty Photo(s) – K4G Photo(s)Loss-in-Weight Feeders & BlendersUse K-Tron's modular Loss-in-Weight feeders for materials with varying bulk density and for material handling automation.

Use K-Tron's modular Loss-in-Weight feeders for materials with varying bulk density and for material handling automation. Loss-in-Weight gravimetric feeders are the best choice for long term accuracy, repeatability, quality documentation, and where dust control is a concern.

The tables below list available base loss-in-weight feeder models, grouped by feeder class, along with their associated feed rate range. To view available variations for a specific base model, and to download technical specifications, click on the model of interest.

NOTE: Clicking a link will connect you to the appropriate page on the K-Tron website (www.ktron.com) where you can select from available model variations and download technical information (log-in or registration required).

Twin Screw Models

Twin screw loss-in-weight feeders are most effective for pigments, sticky, bridging or flooding powders, fiberglass.

Base ModelFeed Rate Range
dm3/hr (ft3/hr)*
Variations and Notes

KT200.1 (0.004) to 200 (7.0)suspension or platform design, compact version
T351.8 (0.063) to 2,500 (88)suspension or platform design
T6022 (0.78) to 7,200 (250)suspension design
T8025 (0.88) to 30,600 (1,070)suspension design


Vibratory Models For free-flowing abrasive or friable materials and fiberglass. On larger models, vibratory trays in three sizes can be combined with various hopper sizes to feed difficult materials like glass fiber.

Base ModelFeed Rate Range
dm3/hr (ft3/hr)*
Variations and Notes
KV10.2 (0.007) to 250 (8.8)compact platform design
KV22 (0.07) to 2,500 (88.3)suspension or platform design, fiberglass version
KV325 (0.88) to 8,500 (300)suspension design, fiberglass version


* Feed rates are approximate based on material characteristics

K4G Continuous Gravimetric Blender
The K4G Continuous Gravimetric Blender System (K4G-L Group) is designed with the specific requirements of the plastics processing industry in mind. The compact design and low space requirements of the K4G integrated system allow four or six feeders with K-Tron receivers to be easily grouped around an extruder inlet. Single stations are also available (K4G-L-BS60).

A wide variety of standard feeders can be integrated into the K4G single-point weighing system, depending on the feeding requirements. Single screw and Bulk Solids Pump feeders are designed for handling free-flowing bulk materials. Twin screw feeders handle powders and non-free-flowing materials.

The system is completely modular. Feeders and conveyors can be exchanged or removed as needed. The following feeder units are available in K4G versions:

BS60 Single Screw (up to 60mm diameter)
KT20 Twin Screw for powder
KQx Single Screw for low feed rates
BSP-100 Bulk Solids Pump
BSP-135 Bulk Solids Pump

For higher feed rates or special agitation needs, K2 Modular loss-in-weight feeders with three-point-weighing systems can also be incorporated.