MATERIALS: Newcomer Compounder To U.S. Expands

Just one year after establishing its sales company here, Lehmann & Voss has further expanded its portfolio through a recent acquisition.

Germany’s Lehmann & Voss, a compounder of a broad range of Luvocom engineering resins and fluoropolymer compounds is further expanding its footprint here and globally with the acquisition of Performance Compounding LLC, Pawcatuck, Conn. This, only a year after the company founded its sales office Lehvoss North America, Pawcatuck, Conn. Performance Compounding brings to the table its wide range of melt-processable fluoropolymers and engineering resins ranging from nylons, PC, PBT and TPU to PEEK, PES, PEI, PPS, LCP.

            Lehvoss is said to excel in the development of advanced materials based on high-temperature polymers. New compounds for applications where extreme friction and wear conditions are present are now available. High-strength, high-temperature compounds is another area of development. The acquisition and combined capabilities positions Lehvoss North America to enter new applications in automotive, medical, energy, and industrial markets.

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