Milacron Coinjection Technology Approved For Fruit Cans & Recyclable Coffee Pods

First-to-market clear plastic cans wil arrive early next year.

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Milacron Holdings Corp., Cincinnati, announced two milestones for its multilayer coinjection technology. One is a breakthrough for its Klear Can, described by the company as the “first-to-market clear plastic can.” It is not expected on store shelves until the first quarter of next year; but after successful market testing with consumers in Asia, it got the commercial go-ahead from what’s described as “a large brand owner focusing on tropical fruits.” The retortable barrier container incorporates a PP/EVOH body and a single standard double-seamed metal end and is said to be fully recyclable. Molding of Klear Cans will be demonstrated by Milacron at the K 2016 show in Dusseldorf next month.

Recyclability is also claimed for another commercial achievement. Milacron says its coinjection systems using Kortec embedded technology are now being used to produce 100% recyclable coffee pods. The PP-based cups are replacing non-recyclable, thermoformed PS pods. One benefit of injection molding is the ability to mold in features that replace separately molded components such as filters.

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