The NEW PerforMAX 3 is the most advanced static control system available for monitoring static neutralizing performance.
The NEW PerforMAX 3 is the most advanced static control system available for monitoring static neutralizing performance. PerforMAX 3 provides outstanding extended range performance to eliminate static charges even when installed 2" to 10" from webs (depending on conditions), and up to 20" on winders. This system is also capable of neutralizing charged materials traveling up to 2,500 feet per minute, and faster depending on conditions. The PerforMAX3 system is available in three configurations that increase the system’s capability for completely monitored static control regardless of the environment: · Standard System, Remote Monitoring and Control of ionization performance, clean bar, system fault indicators, along with remote on/off control capability. · Computer Interface for remote computer monitoring and data acquisition. · Hazardous Location (HL) System is UL approved for Classes I, II and III environments. Features and Benefits · Available in a hazardous location (HL) version for Classes I, II, and III environments. · Rugged bar construction with precise emitter spacing for maximum performance, along with detachable cable and daisy chain (bar-to-bar connection) capability. · Bar graph display indicates system is neutralizing the charged material. · Indicator lights display the status of the neutralizing system, including when the static bar requires cleaning or if there is a fault. · Current-limited emitter point design will not cause shocks to the machine operator if the points are touched when the static bar is on. · Relay contacts allow remote on/off control and activation of alarm if faults occur. · Remote display panel with alarm output. · Optional computer interface and software program to allow for remote monitoring and performance logging. · Other features include: Bar efficiency % display; selectable set-point for Clean Bar indicator; automatic system shutdown when fault occurs. · Special emitter alloy extends pin life up to five times For all your static control needs, SIMCO Industrial Static Control, ISO 9001 certified, is unsurpassed in customer service, application analysis and product excellence. SIMCO Industrial Static Control, the worldwide leader in static control, has been providing static control solutions since 1936. Simco Industrial Static Control is an Illinois Tool Works Company. A $9.3 billion diversified manufacturer of highly engineered components and industrial systems, ITW consists of more than 500 decentralized operations in 40 countries and employs approximately 52,800 people.