PlastiComp Partners With Xenia To Develop Applications For Carbon Fiber TP Composites

At JEC Europe 2015, PlastiComp and Italy's Xenia announced partnership to advance applications of carbon fiber reinforced TP composites.

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Global player in LFT compounds and technologies PlastiComp, Inc., Winona, Minn. has teamed up with Italy’s Xenia, a materials development company specializing in carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites, the two firms announced at JEC Europe 2015 in Paris today. As part of their strategic partnership, Xenia will develop solutions based on PlastiComp’s complet long carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites—available with 15-50% carbon fiber in thermoplastic polymers from PP to PEEK, and Xenia’s Xecarb short carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (TPEs, nylon, PPS, PPA, PEEK) for the European market.

            PlastiComp recently developed a line of hybrid long glass+carbon fiber composites that combine long glass and carbon fiber together into a single ready-to-mold pellet. Hybrid products are available with variable combinations of the fiber types to bridge the performance gap between using either of these two fibers alone, they also lower the entry cost for adopting carbon fiber technology by reducing the quantity of carbon fiber needed to obtain high-performance properties. (507) 858-0330 •





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