Thermoforming: Ready for In-Mold Labeling? - Illustrations Of IML System

The following photos illustrate the IML system for thermoforming developed by Marbach and Gabler.

8-up IML-System on Gabler M92 thermoformer.

View from machine table into IML System. Right hand side: One of the two label magazine shelves.

Side view while vacuum plate takes out parts from mold.

Part transfer from vacuum plate to upper robot.

Side view of complete system. Left belt is for part-exit while machine ramp up. Middle belt for exit of single shoots or individual part. Upper robot for optical quality control.

Transfer mandrels which place label into the transfer-shuttle.

180 degree Zapod-head which takes labels from the shuttle at the right (next cycle it will take it from left) and places labels in the tool.

Optical control & bar-code scan.

Optical control & bar-code scan.

Top view.


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Thermoforming: Ready for In-Mold Labeling?

After several fits and starts over the last decade, thermoforming IML appears ready for prime time, thanks to improvements in output and labeling technology. For now, the action is mostly in European packaging.