Trexel Establishes Detroit-Area Tech Center

Cooperating with Engel to provide Mucell-ready machines for trials.

Trexel Inc., Wilmington, Mass., developer of MuCell microcellular foaming technology, has established a technical center in Livonia, Mich. Open since early March, the SA Tech Center is a strategic partnership between Trexel, Engel (U.S. office in York, Pa.), and SA Engineering, at which the center is located. SA Engineering is a new venture supporting the facility, which has five new Engel injection machines from 295 to 3500 tons, three of them (of 285, 660, and 1000 tons) equipped to run MuCell with Trexel’s latest T-series gas dosing systems (see Keeping Up section). Besides MuCell product development, the center will also provide R&D support and mold trials for Trexel’s new TecoCell chemical foaming technology (see Oct. ’15 Starting Up).

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