W&H Announces new FILMATIC Tx Winder

The FILMATIC Tx is W&H's latest in winder technology.

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The FILMATIC Tx is W&H's latest in winder technology. The Tx dual turret winder is an evolution of the FILMATIC T turret winder. Like the FILMATIC T, the Tx winder also features center, gap and reverse winding capabilities, as well as adhesive-free web transfer. However, it is the FILMATIC Tx’s “x”-tra large roll diameter that sets it apart from its predecessor: the Tx winder features a roll diameter of either 40” or 47” (whereas the T winder is capable of 31.5”). One further distinction in the FILMATIC Tx (over its FILMATIC T forerunner) is the winder’s floor configuration. The FILMATIC Tx is available in a face-to-face or back-to-back configuration that places the two winders alongside one another; whereas, the FILMATIC T is available in a stacked format with one winder situated on top of the other. With the FILMATIC Tx winder, it is still possible to deliver the reels by hoist if the roll diameter is 40”. For roll diameters measuring 47”, a delivery arm is needed for removal. Both the FILMATIC T and FILMATIC Tx winders are equipped with a 17” windows-based touch screen similar to the main operator panel.