Why It’s So Good To Be in Plastics

Give me one good reason why you like being in the plastics business.

Give me one good reason why you like being in the plastics business. Actually, I’m looking for 10 reasons:

“I love the smell of hydraulic oil in the morning.”

“Why let China have all the fun?”

“I get to visit McCormick Place every three years.”

Give me your witty suggestions for the “Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Good to Be in Plastics.” If we like it, we’ll use it on a Plastics Technology t-shirt we’ll be handing out at the NPE show in Chicago’s McCormick Place, June 19-23. If we use your idea, we’ll give you a t-shirt free. For everyone else, the “price” is filling out a questionnaire on how you read this magazine and make use of its contents.

So take a shot at seeing your words on someone’s back: E-mail me your suggestions by May 1 at mnaitove@ptonline.com.

That is the lighter side of our NPE preparations. We have lots more in the works: Our editorial preview coverage gets going in force next month, with a cover story on advances in blow molding to look for at the show, as well as a sneak peek at some of the other news headlines. Our June issue will be devoted to a booth-by-booth rundown of all the exhibits, categorized by subject area and highlighting the new products in each booth. With that issue, you will receive a free CD that will contain a searchable directory of all exhibitors, interactive floor plans to locate booths you want to visit, and an agenda planner to help you create and print your own show itinerary.

And starting this month, all the news we dig up about show exhibits will be collected in the “NPE Zone” on our website.

Come see us in Chicago, and don’t forget to pick up your t-shirt.