Wittmann Expanding Robot Capacity

Annual global production capacity for robots will reach 4500 next year.

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Wittmann Battenfeld, Torrington, Conn., is embarking on a two-stage plan to increase production capacity for its robots and automation solutions. The first stage of development, which enables a global capacity output of 4200 robots a year, was completed in mid-May 2015. It entailed increasing the capacity for assembly of the small components that are used to make the W808 and W818 robot models, which handle payloads up to 13 lb.

The second stage of development involves the overall enlargement of robot production at the Wittmann Group’s Vienna, Austria, headquarters. This work is planned for completion by January 2016.

The increase in Viennese production will be matched by a bump in assembly capacity in Torrington, Conn. The U.S. facility will invest more than $1 million in a large machining center and paint booth, estimated to be completed by the middle of 2016. The combined upgrades of the U.S. and Vienna factories will bring Wittmann Battenfedl to a global annual production output of 4500 robots.

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