Your Business In Brief - January 2009

Teknor Apex Gains Exclusive License For Starch-Blend BioplasticsLast month, Teknor Apex Co., Pawtucket, R.I., signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Montreal-based Cerestech, Inc.

Teknor Apex Gains Exclusive License For Starch-Blend Bioplastics

Last month, Teknor Apex Co., Pawtucket, R.I., signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Montreal-based Cerestech, Inc. The license covers technology for blending low-cost thermoplastic starch (TPS) granules into a masterbatch that can be mixed with bioplastics like PLA or PHA, or with petrochemical-based polymers. TPS blends use starch from corn, wheat, tapioca, and potatoes.

Field trials with film extruders and injection molders reportedly show that blends with 30% TPS maintain or exceed the mechanical properties of products made from 100% PE, PP, or compostable resins. Says John Andries, Teknor Apex senior v.p. of technology, “The Cerestech technology yields blends that, even at high starch loadings, retain a substantial portion of the mechanical properties of the bioplastic or synthetic base polymer. They exhibit lower levels of sensitivity to moisture than many other starch-containing plastics and are translucent, printable, and sealable. They can be formulated for biodegradability.”
Teknor plans to start production of these blends at a new pilot plant this year. Teknor is also prepared to sub-license the technology to others for in-house compounding.

For more information visit Teknor Apex Co.'s PT Online Showroom .
For more information visit Cerestech, Inc's PT Online Showroom.


K-Dow Joint Venture Now in Place

The new 50:50 joint venture between Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich., and Petrochemical Industries Co. (PIC), sub. of Kuwait Petroleum Corp., was officially launched Jan. 1. PIC makes chemical fertilizers, ethylene, polyethylene, and polypropylene. The new venture, called K-Dow Petrochemicals, is said to be the leading global supplier of petrochemicals and plastics, with anticipated sales of $15 billion. With this action, Dow has moved its PE, PP, PP technology licensing, and polycarbonate businesses into K-Dow. K-Dow also includes two pre-existing joint ventures between Dow and Kuwaiti interests in PET and ethylene glycol. For more information visit Dow Chemical Co's PT Online Showroom .


Sunoco Looks to Sell Chemicals Business

Oil refiner Sunoco, Inc., Philadelphia, is actively looking to sell its Sunoco Chemicals business, which makes polypropylene and various chemicals. Sunoco makes PP at four plants and is the nation’s third-largest producer. For more information visit Sunoco, Inc's PT Online Showroom .


‘Math for Molders’ Training Programs Online

Two new online training programs have been released by A. Routsis Associates, Inc., Dracut, Mass., under the title, “Math for Molders.” They are designed to help production employees in math-related tasks such as counting inventory, calculating part tolerances, and determining production needs or clamp-tonnage requirements. The programs can be accessed via the internet.
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