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Perc Pineda, the chief economist of PLASTICS hired this past April, issued a statement on the economic impact of Hurricane Harvey on Sept. 1, with a focus on the plastics industry.

“For us in the plastics industry, we watched the news with sympathy for our colleagues impacted by the hurricane. So many companies that are critical to the vitality of our industry are located in Houston, Texas and neighboring areas that were affected.”

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Resin prices Hurricane Harvey

Although the full impact on availability of key feedstocks and some resins is to some extent unclear as is the factor of transportation logistics in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, there is some impressive recovery taking place on nearly all fronts. Still, there had been several force majeure actions announced and resultant material allocations.

Our industry friends at Houston-based PetroChemWire (PCW) have done an exemplary job with their daily coverage on plant shutdowns and startups, so please follow the link for a play-by-play.

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NASA Refabricator

There’s been quite a few new developments regarding 3D printing in space. The latest combines 3D printing and recycling: NASA is launching a machine that 3D prints plastic parts and also recycles them back into reusable raw materials to make more parts. 

The machine, called the “Refabricator,” is a device that will accept plastic materials of various sizes and shapes and turn them in to the feedstock used to 3D-print items. The whole process happens in a single automated machine about the size of a dorm room refrigerator, NASA said. NASA had awarded a Small Business Innovation Research contract to Tethers Unlimited Inc. of Seattle in April 2015, to build the recycling system.

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I am asked fairly frequently whether additive manufacturing (AM)—or 3D printing, as it’s often called—is going to compete with injection molding. Until now, I have brushed that off as an unwarranted concern:

“On the contrary, AM will provide injection molders with an extra tool to enable them to make parts in lot sizes as small as one—which would be uneconomical for most molders—and enable them to make parts that have geometries that simply can’t be injection molded.”

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PET plastics bottle recycling

We all know the power of marketing and advertising when it comes to B2C-type products but what about for a “call to action?” such as recycling? Well, according to the Carolina Plastics Recycling Council (CPRC) in the Raleigh Durham Triangle region, such a call can make a difference.

Its campaign “Your Bottle Means Jobs” works to get more bottles in recycling bins in North and South Carolina. The campaign completed its successful debut, fueling a 2% increase in tons of all types of plastic bottles sold by local recycling processors during March through May 2017 when compared to the same period in 2016.

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