amerimold Rolls Out Top 10 List

14. June 2013


I rolled out the infamous annual Top 10 List of reasons to be a moldmaker on the show floor this year followed by a t-shirt giveaway and a special prize to the author of our #1 reason submitted by Jeff Randall  VP of Engineering at MRPC. He was given his $250 gift card ... not bad for just being clever!

10 "I do it for the chips.”

9 We shape things to come.

8 We do it with precision.
7 We get to form the world around us.

6 A moldmaker has the power over shoot and ship.

5 The manly cutting fluid cologne.

4 We always leave a lasting impression.

3 We enjoy working with impossible deadlines.

2 Because metal slivers in your hands are the new wave in body piercing.
#1 Moldmakers are good to the core.


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