Apple Wants Patent To Plate Aluminum Case With Magnetic Material

12. July 2013



The U.S. Patent Office says that Apple has applied for a patent to of an “alternative coating” of rare earth magnets plated onto the aluminum casing of its iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices, according to the website, which follows the computer company’s technology. says that “The invention covers a magnet surface coating which can be adapted to match the overall look, shape, and feel of the device to which it is attached. The wild twist is that Apple is considering this magnetic coating for the back lid of a future MacBook application.”


The website says that Apple’s patent shows a  “possible future MacBook with a rear housing which is a magnet structural element 502 which is plated with a layer of aluminum in order to convert the otherwise brittle magnet structure into a more robust structural element.”


“By designing the MacBook with a backing made mainly of magnetic material a uniform magnetic field can be produced which allows attachment of the MacBook to a number of different surfaces, including for example, refrigerators, metallic armbands, or even a wall mounted docking station,” says.


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