Bar Feeder Knowledge Center

10. April 2013

Bar feeders are perhaps the most common automation accessories used in metalworking. So who in our industry doesn’t want to learn more about them? Generally applied to turning machines, bar feeders are designed to deliver a continuous supply of raw machining stock in the form of round, hex, square, and extruded shapes for the manufacture of parts of rotation. They are able to accommodate stock of 20, 12, 6 and 4 foot lengths, depending on the style of bar feeder.

To see a nice collection of information about bar feeders, visit Production Machining’s Bar Feeds zone. There you can research new bar feed products, get access to a number of articles about shops that have applied advanced bar feed technology, and find suppliers of the latest equipment. As with all of the zones on PM’s website, the Bar Feed zone is a knowledge center that provides quick access to a focused collection of relevant material.

Barfeeding Small Diameters” is an example of the great material you can access through the zone.


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