Converter of Polyolefin Nonwoven Product 'Goes' 100% Bio-Based

30. September 2013

Here’s an unusual product just commercially launched by Fitesa, Simpsonville, S.C., a leading company in the design and manufacture of nonwoven fabrics for the global hygiene and personal-care markets: it’s a new performance nonwoven that is composed of two-biobased polymers in a sheath-core, bicomponent configuration.


The sheath is made of 100% I’m green PE from Braskem (U.S. office in Philadelphia, Pa.), which now markets it in the U.S. and Europe, while the core uses 100% biobased Ingeo PLA from NatureWorks, Minnetonka, Minn. The product is reportedly extremely soft, thanks to the bio-based PE outer sheath, yet remains strong and robust due to the PLA core. Creating a two-layer core-sheath nonwoven fibers is established technology, which is used to produce a softer feel in nonwoven products. Manufacturers of these products typically use a standard PP for the core and a standard PE for the sheath.


According to Braskem, the new product represents the first time a converter has produced a 100% sustainable product in this type of application using the company’s I’m green PE. The three companies collaborated to develop a product that supports Fitesa’s commitment to performance and sustainability by replacing traditional petrochemical-based materials with renewable products made from plants. Fitesa plans to offer the fabric in a comprehensive range of basic weights with physical properties designed to allow drop-in replacement in existing bicomponent spunbond applications.

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