Custom Molding Hourly Rates—It’s Up to You Now

6. August 2014

Are you as eager as I am to see average machine-hour rates for custom injection molding, broken out by machine size, region of the country, and with or without operator or profit included? I hope to get the results from our midyear survey of custom molders in print and online by October—but there’s a catch. We need your data. We still need more custom molders to fill out the online questionnaire here, in order to get representative results. The survey is anonymous, and thus 100% confidential.


I get messages regularly from molders telling me how useful the survey results are (see an example here). I hope all of them took 5 minutes to answer a few questions. If you haven’t done so yet—you know who are—get it done this week. I don’t want to have to delay publication, but I can’t issue a report without enough data to be confident it’s meaningful. So it’s up to you!


And many thanks to all of you have responded—you have contributed to make possible a unique resource for molders.

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