Don't Stop...Learning

20. May 2010

Executive Editor Matt Naitove recently wrote an article on Dynamic Molding Technologies (Dymotek) that got me thinking about the North American processing marketplace and the concept of learning. In the story, which will appear in our June issue, Matt quotes the molder as saying it considers itself “a very science and technology oriented company.” Dymotek says it sends its people to many technical conferences “and travels the world looking for the best technology.”

I worry that there are too few Dymoteks around. I worry that too many of us have stopped learning. With a few exceptions, conference and trade show attendance has been off considerably. I worry when I hear stories about companies not supporting their employee’s involvement in organizations such as SPE. I realize that it costs money and takes time to attend a three-day conference or trade show. We’re still feeling the impact of what’s been dubbed The Great Recession. But think for a moment, what the cost of not going?  When we stop learning we stop growing. And when we stop growing we become little more than prey to someone or something bigger, stronger, smarter or more innovative.

            I’m looking forward to this fall’s K Show. I’m looking forward to finding out how many North Americans cross the ocean and spend thousands of dollars in tiny hotel rooms to get access to the best the world can offer in terms of plastics processing machinery, materials, resins and processing. I hope there are a lot of “us” there, all looking and learning about new tools and techniques that will be in display to help their business expand.

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