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18. October 2013

ITAMCO’s Joel Neidig shows how the mobile application on his smartphone enables it to capture shopfloor date. The smartphone reads bar codes with its built-in camera.

EMO, the giant machine tool show that took place in September, 2013, cast a spotlight on concepts such as Industry 4.0 and The Internet of Things. Industry 4.0 is a national initiative sponsored by government and university organizations in Germany. It seeks to promote the fourth phase of the Industrial Revolution in which manufacturing is based on technology that is thoroughly computer-integrated  and Web-enabled. The Internet of Things is a similar concept that focuses on instant access to manufacturing data for distributed, collaborative production.

An article prepared for publication at the show examines the achievements of two manufacturing companies in Indiana. It attempts to show how MTConnect-enabled systems have prepared these shops to realize the benefits and advantages set as goals for Industry 4.0 and The Internet of Things.  

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