Latest Issue of AM: Seeing is Believing

7. August 2013


Our latest issue of Additive Manufacturing includes a photo essay documenting the types of parts that are possible with an additive production process. All of the parts shown come from IMDS, a medical manufacturing company that is now using direct metal laser sintering to make implants and instruments that would have been impossible or impractical to create with any process other than additive manufacturing. Also in this issue, another article describes a tooling and product development company’s comparable advance from applying 3D printing for prototyping into applying it for the creation of useful parts and tooling.

Additive Manufacturing is a supplement to Modern Machine Shop and MoldMaking Technology magazines. Subscribers to the print version of the supplement receive it with their copy of either magazine, but you can also read the latest issue right now in its electronic version.

(Thank you to Gardner Business Media’s Laurie Dugan and Jeff Norgord, who took photos for the photo essay in this issue. Because Laurie held the part on the cover, her right hand appears twice in the photo above.)

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