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21. June 2013

Bob Schiavone of R&D/Leverage started off his presentation last week with two questions: (1) How many in this room are hiring? and (2) How many here think Made In America is as strong as ever? And the discussion and interest grew from there.

R&D/Leverage created

The mission of the Support Plastics USA group is to the support and promotion of the Plastics Industry and our American pride. They are here for moldmakers, processors and designers who are in the plastics industry! Their goal is to build a coalition that is specific to this industry and create ONE voice.

They want to create business partnerships and work together to highlight American design houses, and manufacturing facilities as well as show our young adults that a career in manufacturing and plastics is alive and well!

They do this with a four-prong approach.

1. Build a database of companies that sign up as members to participate.

2. Share success stories that include (when possible) plastic made products that were designed, engineered and manufactured in America. This includes mold makers, molders, design houses, brand owners and all other American companies who are part of the success story! These stories are to be shared with trade media, social media and within our own group.

3. Share information among fellow tool makers, molders, engineers, and designers on how we can get local high schools more involved in looking at our industry as a career.

4. Network, network, network

Be sure to check it out:


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