Midsized Manufacturers Optimistic about Finishing Year on a Strong Note

7. October 2013

You can never have enough good news, right? So I thought I'd share some positive survey findings during this uncertain, crazy political time in our country.

Some of the findings from the 12th semi-annual Group Outlook Survey from Prime Advantage, which was conducted in August, include: 47 percent of respondents expect to make new hires by the end of 2013, while less than 3 percent think that they will face layoffs; 97 percent expect their revenues for the last half of 2013 to be equal to or better than the first half of 201; capital expenditures will increase for 33 percent of companies in the last half of 2013; and, anxiety over cost pressures on raw materials have declined significantly for the last half of 2013. Click here for more.

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