Most popular Knowledge Centers of 2013

31. December 2013

Novatec material handling system

No matter the process: everyone has to dry resin, everyone has to convey it, and everyone can use some training. Plastics Technology’s online Knowledge Centers were a popular destination among our readers in 2013 as they beefed up on a variety of topics including: drying, profile extrusion, electric injection molding machines, blending, and more. See what areas your competitors sought to gain knowledge in.


  1. Primer: Hygroscopic VS Non-Hygroscopic Resins
  2. Crystalline vs. Amorphous PET
  3. Profile Extrusion
  4. Electric injection molding
  5. Plastics drying
  6. The Basics of Resin Drying
  7. Plastics training
  8. Blending basics
  9. Plastics conveying
  10. Electric injection molding basics
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