Next Edge Factor: Injured Athlete Keeps Competing with Custom Leg

13. September 2012

The next episode of The Edge Factor Show promises to tell the most dramatic story to date of manufacturing improving lives and expanding the scope of what human beings can do.

“Metal & Flesh” tells the story of Mike Schultz, a renowned motocross and winter sports athlete whose competitive career might have ended when he lost his leg in a snowmobile accident. The reason it didn’t end is because he refused to let even this loss stop him.

Inventing and engineering his own artificial leg design, Schultz created the prosthesis that enabled him to return to high-level competition in his chosen sports. Now, he has begun to manufacture the leg for other amputee athletes, including one who recently lost his leg during military service in Iraq.

The full episode of the show is still being filmed and won’t be seen until next year, but a preview is now playing in IMTS’s Advanced Manufacturing Center, Booth W-160.

The Edge Factor Show is an ongoing film project that highlights dramatic manufacturing successes and the excitement of working with real-life manufacturing technology. The show recently spawned “EDU Factor,” a project that will produce interactive educational resources on manufacturing technology for engineering and vocational educators. 

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