Nylons 6 & 6/6 With Up To 100% Biomass For Flexible Packaging

14. May 2014


BASF has used an innovative technology that replaces up to 100% of the fossil resources used at the beginning of the integrated production process of its Ultramid B nylon 6 and Ultramid C nylon 6/6 with certified biomass. 


The share of renewable raw materials in the sales product is then indicated in the respective quantity. A third-party certification confirms to customers that BASF has used the required quantities of renewable raw materials which the customer has ordered in the value chain, according to Joachim Queisser, senior v.p. of polyamides and precursors Europe regional business unit. “Consumer demand for products made of renewable raw materials continues to rise. This offering opens excellent possibilities for packaging film manufacturers to market their products accordingly.”


The resulting Ultramid, which is produced according to the so-called mass-balance approach, is reportedly identical in terms of formulation and quality but associated with lower green-house-gas emissions and saving of fossil resources. Also, existing plants and technologies along the value chain can continue to be used without changes.


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