Plastics Technology’s Most-Viewed Columns of 2015

6. January 2016

Materials, and the effects temperature and pressure have on them, are fundamental to plastics processing, and no where is that more clear than in Plastics Technology’s most-viewed columns of 2015.


Mike Sepe and John Bozzelli are respected authors, educators and experts in their respective fields and, as such, it’s no surprise that their columns occupy all top 10 spots for most-viewed columns in 2015.


Sepe’s insights into overall process temperatures, including those of the melt and the tool, and Bozzelli’s shared knowledge of fundamental molding questions like calculating shot size and understanding pressure loss, are sought after again and again.


Need a refresher? Take some time to review all these articles and improve your processing today.


  1. The Importance of Melt & Mold Temperature
  2. The Effects of Temperature
  3. PBT and PET Polyester: The Difference Crystallinity Makes
  4. Calculate Shot Size Vs. Barrel Capacity
  5. Injection Molding: How to Set Second-Stage (Pack & Hold) Pressure
  6. The Strain Rate Effect
  7. Density & Molecular Weight in Polyethylene
  8. When It Comes to Nylon, Don’t Do the Math
  9. Injection Molding: You Must Dry Hygroscopic Resins
  10. Injection Molding: Understanding Pressure Loss In Injection Molding


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