Small Businesses Should Consider Patents

18. October 2013


Attaining a patent might seem intimidating to the uninformed, but the process is really much easier than people realize. To protect their intellectual property, more small companies and inventors should consider these government grants that give the holder exclusive rights to make, use and/or sell a specific invention.

While presenting a new product at the 2013 Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS), Charles Ruecker, CEO and President of Core Powered Inc., began wondering if his company had taken the necessary steps to protect its products. Although he hadn’t considered patents before, he quickly realized they were the best way to protect his company’s rights to the products it had developed.

In the article “Patents are Not Only for Big Business,” freelance writer Sarah Kane discusses with Mr. Ruecker his experience in attaining a patent. Mr. Ruecker explains that the process is easier than he had anticipated, and he feels it is vital to the continued success of North American manufacturing.

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