Toot Your Own Horn

18. March 2011

One of the things that strikes me about North American plastics processors is how reluctant so many are to tell the world of their capabilities. Granted, my observation may be a tad self-serving, since one of the things we like to do in our magazine and on this website is to write about innovative processors. But still, a little dose of marketing can go a long way toward positioning your company as a leader in the field and--who knows--help you attract a new customer or two.

I am not necessarily referring to expensive ad programs either. What does your website look like? When was the last time you updated it? Have you tapped into social media as a means to communicate your message? Do you have an e-newsletter that you send to your customers on a regular basis.

Take a look at what thermoformer Productive Plastics does. They are a thermoformer we recently featured. Certainly looks like it is worth the time and effort to me.

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